‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Changed Last Name, What Is It?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown is making big changes to herself following her split with Kody earlier this year. She’s been on the path to moving on, and many are supporting the 52-year-old. But it seems that the former first wife is taking legal action to prove that she’s done withKody,y as she allegedly changed her name. Keep reading to see what Meri’s new possible name is.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown’s Holiday Weekend

Meri recently took to social media to share how she spent her Christmas. The Sister Wives star spent her holiday weekend with two of her friends, Amy and Blair. They visited what seemed to be a farm filled with goats. “So glad to have you as one of my favorite sidekicks on this life journey! A fabulous weekend indeed!” she added. Some fans also noticed and commended Meri’s red hair. Others also said that she’s looking a lot happier following the heartbreaking end of Season 18.

Sister Wives Meri
Photo Credit: @therealmeribrown Instagram
  • “So nice to see the joy on your face, always been a big fan you deserve so much more than you have gotten,” one person said.
  • “How fun!!!! Yessss the goats are cute!!! Meri that hair color is fabulous!!!!” another commenter added.

Meri Changed Her Name?

Some Redditors discussed Meri’s recent IG Stories post featuring her Christmas tree with a signed ornament from “Meri Caroline Davenport.” According to them, it seems that Meri Brown just soft-launched her new name. She previously revealed her plans to change her name in one of her livestreams, and it seems that she finally made it happen.

Photo Credit: @therealmeribrown Instagram
  • “Meri Davenport is SUCH a good name!!! “Meri Brown” is plain and meh,” one person said.
  • “Agree! It’s much more suiting to her first name! Happy to see this Meri deserves to be her own self …. I mean it’s obvious now she’s been on her own for years anyway! Happy for you Meri!” another commenter added.
  • “The timing couldn’t be better. Just like when Robyn tried to steal Christmas like the Grinch from all the Browns with her little name change when she was coming down with main character syndrome,” one Redditor added.

Sister Wives: Where Did Meri Brown Get The Davenport?

Some Reddit users from the same thread also discovered the reason behind the Davenport in Meri’s new alleged name. According to one commenter, it came from her ancestors, which is also written on her B&B’s official website. “I found it!!! She took Davenport from her ancestors! Look on Lizzie’s Heritage website,” one Reddit user said. Some were also surprised that the Sister Wives star knew about the founding woman of Lizzie’s Heritage Inn.

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Meri Brown
Photo Credit: Reddit

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