Sister Wives: Meri Brown Celebrates Her Brother’s Life During His Funeral [RIP]

Meri Brown has been going through a tough couple of years. While she is known as the lone wolf from Sister Wives, devastating things keep happening around her. Long-time viewers must be aware of how she ended up losing her mother, Bonnie, in the last season. Well, that’s not all because her sister also passed away a while ago.

This time around, Meri took it upon herself yet again to share another sorrowful news. Apparently, she had a brother, Adam Barber, who was suffering from cancer. As he stopped chemotherapy, his time neared until he took his last breath. The celebrity finally made a post about his funeral on her social media handle.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Pays Tribute To Her Late Brother, Adam Barber, Celebrates His Life

Meri Brown once used to be surrounded by a lot of family. While the Browns, especially Kody, stopped paying heed to her, she had her own family to fall back to. This included her mother, sister, and her brother. Unfortunately, none of them are with her anymore. It all began around the pandemic when Meri announced the demise of her mother, Bonnie, on the show.

The Sister Wives star, Meri, was already used to feeling a void due to grief. That’s because her sister Theresa passed away in 2006 due to cancer. Unfortunately, her brother had to undergo the same fate. It was almost two weeks ago when Brown had made the announcement of his passing. She took to Instagram to make yet another post about him.

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It turns out Meri had her brother’s funeral yesterday. Following this, she made a heartfelt post on her Instagram. Apparently, her brother, Adam Barber, was in the military. So, uniformed representatives were present at the funeral to pay tribute to him. Meri also said that the event was all about “celebrating Adam’s life” and his love for “all things America.”

While using the red, white, and blue hearts to denote the American colors, Meri said, “Rest easy, brother.” The Sister Wives fanbase was truly moved by this post. They took to the comments section to wish strength upon Meri and her family. Many also expressed how sorry they were for her loss and wanted her to feel better soon.

Sister Wives: Meri Mourns The Loss Of Her Parents! Misses Them

While Meri has lost so many people from her family, she has been open about how it has made her feel. The Sister Wives star took to her social media to reveal how things had been a bit lonely for her lately. In order to make peace with it, the star decided to visit her parents’ gravesite.

Meri’s father, William James, Jr., ended up losing his life in 2007. Many years later, her mother, Bonnie Joyce Ahistorm, also passed away in 2021. As they say, no matter how old one is, processing a parent’s demise has never been easy.

The Sister Wives star shared a picture from her parents’ grave while saying they were “amazing humans.” She missed their “laughter, wisdom, and love.”

But Meri ended her post on a bright note by saying her parents’ memories will “live on.” She wished to share a “small spark of their light” with the world. Fans again sent in their condolences to the celebrity and told her she was making them proud by choosing her happiness.

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