Sister Wives: Kody Upset As Christine Invited His Sibling To Her Wedding But NOT HIM!

Sister Wives Season 18 now features the special segment where Christine is finally saying, ‘I do.’ It is one of the most anticipated moments for the entire fanbase. However, Kody, Robyn, and Meri weren’t even invited to witness David and Christine exchanging vows together.

Not getting an invitation wasn’t a shock for Kody. But he was surely in disbelief to know that Christine ended up inviting his siblings to the wedding! He wondered why the latter would do that. What is it all about?

Sister Wives: Kody Says Christine Inviting His Siblings Is A Bit Odd

Christine and David vowed to grow old together in a beautiful ceremony in Moab, Utah. They walked down the aisle in October 2023 in front of 330 guests which included all their close ones. However, it wasn’t a shock that Christine chose not to invite Kody to her wedding. But the latter found it really odd that his ex-wife was now inviting his own siblings to watch her exchange vows with some other man!

During a recent Sister Wives episode, Kody revealed that he knew Christine was getting married. He said that he saw the so-called “wedding announcement” at one of his sister’s houses. The celeb added, “It was kind of curious to me that some of my family had been invited to the wedding.”

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Kody wondered why Christine would do this and was evidently in shock. Apparently, the former has nine siblings, five of whom are his sisters. But Kody didn’t reveal exactly which sister broke this news to him and who all were invited from his family.

The majority of the Sister Wives viewers felt that there was nothing wrong with Christine inviting his ex-in-laws if she shared a great bond with them. However, some critics felt that this was a well-calculated decision and that the celeb did this on purpose.

Sister Wives: Kody Says He Is Happy For Christine & David!

Sister Wives star Kody Brown stated that he met David and was well aware of Christine’s decision to marry him. He seemed to be a bit smug as he added, “She made these accusations that I had.” However, his only wife, Robyn, quickly interrupted him and asked, “Aren’t we just so happy for them?”

But Kody didn’t stop. He stated that he wanted to tell his “story” to the world. The celeb recalled how Christine told his children that their father already had his soul mate, so now she was looking for hers. Kody stated, “I’m happy for her for that fact.”

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While Robyn was afraid of what Kody was going to say, the latter assured her that he wasn’t going to complain about anything at all. He explained that just because he was angry for about three years doesn’t mean that he cannot be happy for Christine and David now.

On the other hand, Robyn simply said, “I hope that Christine and David can be happy. That’s all I’m going to say.” It was evident that the noted couple had a lot to say. But they were trying to hold as they perhaps didn’t want to ruin the moment for Christine.

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