Sister Wives: Kody Spotted In A “Sweaty And Steamy” Look At A Gas Station In Flagstaff!

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has returned to the screens with a brand new season of the franchise. Fans of the most popular show are now witnessing the family fallout after Christine left. The patriarch is on the verge of losing two more wives ever since his divorce from Christine.

Janelle had demanded separation for a while. Their future remains very uncertain. Meanwhile, Meri has moved out from Flagstaff to be more available for her Heritage Inn and clothing brand.

The reality TV celeb, Meri, appears to not care about her decision because he had no attachments with her. Currently, the TLC star has only one wife, Robyn Brown, by his side. Recently, he was spotted in Flagstaff after his workout session.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Looks Steamy After Workout Session!

Kody Brown has turned heads for all the wrong reasons in the Sister Wives franchise. He received immense criticism for being emotionally unavailable to all his wives except Robyn Brown. Viewers have seen only the negative side of the celeb in Season 18.

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Currently, the celeb is busy living a lavish life with his fourth wife. Kody has been spotted a lot of times in Flagstaff with Robyn and her kids in Flagstaff. Recently, he was spotted after coming out of his usual workout routine. The reality TV celeb has been focusing a lot on his health and fitness these days.

Sister Wives
Kody Brown [Source: TheSun]

As per TheSun, Kody was looking sweaty and solemn in the latest pictures. He sported a green t-shirt, black sweatpants, and comfy black sneakers for his routine workout. The TLC personality appeared with a sweaty look as perspiration was all around his clothes and blonde curly hair.

Later, Kody went to a gas station with his car. The dad of eighteen pumped some gas into his car before heading back to his home. Also, the celeb was talking to someone over a video call. He was holding a selfie stick in his hand with the device attached to it. Kody was in a conversation with someone in the open before getting into the car.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Snubs Her Ex Kody Brown On Her Special Day!

Sister Wives stars Christine and Kody parted ways a long time ago. They are now busy with their own lives doing their own stuff. Recently, Christine exchanged vows with her partner David Woolley in a fairytale wedding.

However, the former decided to snub her ex-husband and his only remaining wife, Robyn Brown, on the big occasion. Seemingly, Christine Brown has become more vocal than ever about her relationship issues with her polygamous partner after her divorce.


Christine shared numerous moments with her fans where she felt she wasn’t a part of Kody’s life anymore. Moreover, fans were hoping for the former to get the love of her life and live her life happily.

Now it appears that the TLC celeb, Christine, decided to keep all the negativities away from her life on her big day.

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