Sister Wives: Kody Spotted Buying Alcohol, Coping Loneliness With Booze?

Sister Wives Season 18 featured Kody Brown in a miserable state. He was dealing with three divorces while he watched Christine, Janelle, and Meri walk away from him. Hence, it was evident that the ex-polygamist wasn’t in the right mind and was finding it hard to deal with the chaotic dynamics.

After all this, it seems that Kody isn’t able to cope with his divorce and is taking the help of alcohol to move on in his life. Recently, viewers were in shock when they saw him buying a generous amount of alcohol while he always used to be against drinking! What is he up to now?

Sister Wives: Kody Spotted Purchasing Alcohol!

Kody Brown lost three wives in just a matter of a few months. This would have been a devastating moment for a person who was born and brought up in a polygamous background. Hence, it was evident that the Sister Wives celeb was really finding it hard to deal with the ongoing dynamics.

But now it seems that Kody has started to take the support of alcohol to move on in his life. Recently, a Reddit thread started to surface on the internet, which exposed him next to a huge cart of beer. It had a picture that featured the celeb returning from grocery shopping.

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Kody was unloading his shopping cart and was shifting his groceries to his car. The OP wrote, “The lady who took it said all of the bottom of the cart was beer.” It further added, “That would explain why his face looks so red and swollen now.” Sister Wives fans were in shock as they never expected Kody to take the help of alcohol in moving on in his life.

A user even wondered, “Wasn’t he so against drinking.” Someone further recalled that Kody wasn’t in favor of having alcohol at Maddie and Mykelti’s weddings. Another fan agreed, “This seemed like a big one for him,” as Kody couldn’t even tolerate such things around him earlier.

Sister Wives: Fans Note Change In Kody’s Appearence! Is It Because Of Alcohol?

Fans have been keenly observing Kody Brown these days. There have been several instances when they wondered why his appearance was changing drastically. The OP even noted that the Sister Wives celeb’s face now looked really “red” and “swollen,” which could perhaps be because of his beer consumption.

A user referred to Kody and Robyn and wrote, “I just realized that both of them do look like they’re drinking on a regular basis.” The fan also explained that both of them have “puffy and swollen” faces because of it. Someone further agreed, “the perpetual red, puffy, inflamed face he’s had more recently.”


Many viewers talked about Kody’s face during the recent Tell All. They felt that his skin looked really different, which could be because of beer consumption. On the other hand, some fans explained that Kody perhaps never had issues with wine and beer. He simply didn’t like strong alcoholic drinks.

Hence, it was evident that just a mere picture of Kody with beer created controversy and became an eyebrow-raiser for the viewers

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