Sister Wives: Kody Spills A 7-Year-Old Secret Related To Meri!

Meri and Kody Brown are in the weirdest phase of their relationship in Sister Wives Season 18. The former was the first wife of the Brown family patriarch. Slowly, their relationship dynamics started changing completely, and they lost their affection for each other.

Meri divorced her husband in 2014 to make him welcome another wife into the family. The Sister Wives star soon started feeling like an outsider in her own family. She yearned for Kody’s love, and he didn’t care.

Later, she fell for a person on social media and got catfished. Kody was hurt from the core after Meri’s betrayal, but he didn’t break up with her. Recently, Kody spilled how things between them started deteriorating 7 years ago. Here’s what he believes!

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Opens Up About The Truth Of His Marriage With Meri

Sister Wives star Meri and Kody have the most turbulent marriage since the beginning. Their marriage had a lot of bitter moments. The latter started losing all the love for his first wife after welcoming his fourth wife, Robyn Brown.

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However, Meri never found the courage to walk out of her marriage. Several fans slammed her for being so desperate for the Brown family patriarch. She never stopped hoping to get her love back one day. She was ready to leave Flagstaff in Season 18.

The lone wolf didn’t want to leave her spiritual husband and wanted him to stop her. But Kody seemed to not care about Meri. He didn’t stop her and was happy for her to leave. The reality TV celeb confessed many times on the screens that he doesn’t care about her.

Recently, Kody opened up about the relationship dynamics with all his wives. Also, he described the present situation as a civil war in the family. The Brown family head told UsWeekly that his marriage with Meri was the first to struggle. Kody revealed, “We started a breakup seven years ago.”

Also, Kody stated to have been going through just a process of “trying to figure out what to do.” Sister Wives fans clearly know that Meri had her catfishing scandal seven years ago. Kody’s first wife hurt him badly in 2015, which fractured their relationship.

Sister Wives: How Meri Was Catfished 7 Years Ago On Social Media?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown had a beautiful journey on the show initially. In 2014, she divorced her partner to let her marry Robyn Brown. However, Meri started feeling alone and found love on social media.

So, Meri started chatting with a guy named Sam Cooper on Twitter. Soon, their online romance began, and they turned it into a relationship. However, Sam was actually a woman named Jackie who tricked the reality TV celeb into falling in love with her.

Sister Wives

Also, the catfish leaked their private chat featuring some naughty text messages from the mom-of-one. Well, the complete scandal shook Kody and Meri’s relationship in 2015, and they never recovered from it.

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