Sister Wives: Kody Shocks By Revealing Ex-Wife He’ll Stay Close To Despite Split

Sister Wives cast member Kody Brown wants to maintain a close relationship with this particular ex-wife. He knows she can count on her.


  •  Kody Brown plans to remain friends with his ex-wife Meri despite their recent split, as their relationship evolved over 20 years.
  •  The couple separated permanently through a “gentle negotiation” and realized that they needed to move forward without being in a marriage.
  •  Kody hopes for a friendly relationship with Meri and believes she and his fourth wife, Robyn, are still close. He wants an open dialogue and wants Meri to feel free to call him if she needs anything.

Kody Brown from Sister Wives has one ex-wife who he will maintain a close friendship with even though they’ve recently split. The Brown family patriarch was satisfied with his polygamous family consisting of wives Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn Brown until things started changing in the past 13 years. Kody’s affection towards Meri, his first wife, began declining, and he blamed it on Meri’s catfish scandal. He didn’t want to risk falling in love again with Meri and, with time, became distant from Janelle and Christine too. Kody lost three of his wives from 2021 to 2023 and with his plural relationships collapsing, Kody is left with fourth wife, Robyn.

However, Kody is now revealing that he still plans to remain friends with Meri despite the split, as he detailed in his interview with PeopleThe evolution of everything that happened with Meri and I over the past 20 years has had an effect to where we’ve come to here,” Kody told the publication. He said that Meri and him separating permanently was what he thought was a “very gentle negotiation” of where they were at. “What our personalities are like, and what we can give to each other and what we can’t,” he added.

Kody Claims Meri & Robyn Are “Close”

Kody mentioned that an “honest evaluation” of their relationship made him and Meri aware that they needed to move forward in life “without being in a relationship of a marriage.” Once they realized this, Kody revealed that it brought him and Meri to a “place where we can be friends again.” He believes that Meri and him “go forward every quickly” which he hopes will be with “love and grace, forgiveness and charity.” He wants Meri to feel free to call him if she ever needs anything.

Moreover, Kody wishes to have an “open” dialogue with Meri. He thinks that Meri and Robyn are “still close.” Meri wants to come home and see the kids. He knows that they will “always” have a relationship which he hopes is “at least [some] kind friendship.” According to TLC star Meri, they were at their 32nd wedding anniversary dinner in April 2022 when Kody explicitly told her that their marriage was over. Kody insinuated that they were faking their marriage, even though Meri knew she wasn’t. During the Sister Wives Talk Back special, Kody claimed Meri, “beat the love out of me over our first year of marriage.”

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He revealed that they had a lot of problems that couldn’t be fixed, and it prompted him to search for new connections with other women. To him, divorce was not an option, so diluting their marriage was the only option he had. The Sister Wives star had decided then that he wanted another wife because he wasn’t going to spend all his time with Meri. Kody didn’t want his family to break apart, which is why he stayed in his marriage until their December 2022 split. It remains to be seen if Meri does maintain a friendly relationship with Kody and Robyn which he envisions for them.

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