Sister Wives: Kody, Robyn & Meri React To Christine’s Wedding! Were They Happy?

Sister Wives Season 18 has already announced a two-part wedding special just for Christine & David’s big day. It would feature even the minute details of their marriage, and fans are filled with joy and excitement as they approach the moment and see this couple say, ‘I do.’

Recently, TLC shared the first look of this special segment, which not only documented glimpses of Christine’s wedding but also featured Kody, Robyn, and Meri reacting to this big news. What did they have to say? Were they happy for the couple?

Sister Wives: What Did Kody, Robyn, & Meri Say About Christine’s Wedding?

The show Sister Wives is about to air one of the most anticipated segments of the franchise, David and Christine’s wedding. Lately, the first trailer of the same has been making headlines. While fans are in love with the chemistry this couple holds, they witness Kody, Robyn, and Janelle reacting to this big news.

In the clip, Kody seemed to be in pain when he admitted that he knew about the anticipated wedding. He continued, “She made the accusation that I had-” and was trying to open the can of worms again. However, Robyn believed that this wasn’t the right time to go on with the blame game.

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Robyn was quick to interrupt Kody and stated that they were really happy for Christine and David. She asked her husband, “Aren’t we just so happy for them?” While Kody was fighting to hold back his words, Robyn concluded, “We’re just so happy for them.”

On the other hand, Meri also admitted that she knew about Christine’s wedding. She seemed to be uninterested and added that she didn’t know exactly when the latter was walking down the aisle. Hence, Sister Wives fans felt that Kody, Robyn, and Meri perhaps weren’t really overwhelmed like the way Janelle was!

Janelle appeared to be really happy when she said, “The fact that they are openly affectionate soothes the wounds that Kody inflicted.” She clearly enjoyed the ceremony as she got ready with Christine and watched her exchange vows with David.

Sister Wives: Everything About Christine & David’s Special Wedding Segment

Christine Brown wasn’t able to control her excitement as she was featured hopping around and saying, “I’m getting married!.” She made it clear that there was still more to come on Sister Wives. The celeb was chugging mimosas on a pontoon boat with all her kids and loved ones.

There were clips where David and Christine’s romance was evident while they expressed their feelings for each other. The latter admitted, “I’m excited to say I do,” and continued, “And he’s excited to say ‘I do’ to anything I want!”


Apparently, didn’t leave any chance of making her big day a memorable one. Christine glammed up and looked stunning in her gorgeous white gown. The celeb also gave David a lap dance, which further added more anticipation among the viewers.

Soon, the camera rolled over Red Cliffs Lodge, where all of Christine’s loved ones gathered to watch her dream come true. She was all glammed up, while David was cleaned up pretty well. The couple looked like a match made in heaven. People couldn’t take their eyes off the couple because of their chemistry.

Now, fans are eagerly waiting for Jan. 7th as the first segment will air at 10 p.m. ET on TLC. So, get ready as Christine and David are eagerly waiting for your arrival at their wedding.

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