Sister Wives: Kody & Robyn Are Upgrading Their Flagstaff Home But What About Coyote Pass?

Kody and Robyn Brown are by far the most troublesome cast members from Sister Wives. They began to suffer immensely when the former’s other wives realized their worth and walked away from the plural family. While the couple always gave each other priority at all times, they were really surprised when everyone else left.

It turns out that the only couple from the plural marriage has grown accustomed to making bad decisions. Now, Robyn and Kody are in the limelight once again for some questionable choices. They want to revamp their old home! Why is that?

Sister Wives: Kody & Robyn Want To Revamp Their Flagstaff House!

Kody and Robyn Brown are the most selfish castmates from Sister Wives, without a doubt. All other spouses, i.e., Meri, Janelle, and Christine, suffered greatly when they only prioritized themselves until they walked out. Now that their family is no longer plural, the only couple is suffering greatly, blaming others for leaving instead of realizing they were the reason the Sister Wives left.

Now, the couple has turned heads again. That’s because TheSun revealed that they have a residential self-issue permit for the next 6 months, valid till June 2024. During this time, Kody and Robyn want to upgrade their current house in Flagstaff, Arizona. As per Coconino County land records, they wish to upgrade “mechanical equipment,” “panels” and also their “water heater.”

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Sister Wives

They got the approval for the same on the day they filed for it, i.e., December 11. Some details also reveal that the couple wants to “de-roof” and “demolish” some parts of their house and also put “yard lines.” Kody and Robyn had purchased their Flagstaff mansion in 2018. They bought it for $890,000, and as of now, its value is at $1,826,000.

Sister Wives: Have Kody & Robyn Given Up On Building Coyote Pass?

Kody and Robyn have rarely made headlines for good things. Earlier, the former’s daughter with Christine, i.e., Gwen, had revealed how the couple has a bad spending habit. Needless to say, the upcoming construction at their Flagstaff residence would cost them a fortune. Now, Sister Wives are wondering they will ever build on the Coyote Pass property.


Only a few months ago, there was another news about Kody and Janelle clearing off their remaining Coyote Pass dues

. But now, Robyn and Kody have taken an entirely different turn by deciding to upgrade their current place of living. Fans have been questioning their choices by asking why they paid off the property if they wanted to improve on their present home.

Chances are, Kody and Robyn will provide more clarity about the same if they continue to appear in the upcoming Sister Wives season. Will you want to see them? Tell us in the comments below.

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