Sister Wives: Kody Protects Robyn From Claims About Her Kids & Ex-Husband!

Kody Brown welcomed his fourth wife, Robyn Brown, in 2014. The latter was a divorcee and a mother of three children when she met him. She called her experience very painful because of the constant fights in her previous marriage. Hence, the Sister Wives star decided to choose wisely next time.

The polygamist adopted Robyn’s children Dayton, Aurora, and Breanna after marriage. Later, they also welcomed two children, Ariella and Soloman, of their own. The latter slowly became her partner’s favorite in the polygamous family.

Kody always supported his fourth wife and stood with her. Now it appears that some fans accused his favorite wife of keeping her children away from her ex-husband. What did Kody say to defend his wife?

Sister Wives: Kody Protects Robyn From Claims About Her Kids & Ex-Husband!

Kody Brown never showed respect or concern about any of his three wives. However, he always took special care of Robyn and her children. The Sister Wives star gave all that love to her children instead of the other kids.

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Recently, the patriarch appeared on the latest episode of “Mormonism Live.” A fan reminded the dad-of-eighteen about his hypocrisy from an episode. In it, Kody said that the disloyal wives take kids away from their dads.

So the fan stated that Robyn did the same thing by taking her children away from her ex-husband, David Jessop. Kody said, “Robyn never did that,” He explained. “He had access to them all the time.” The fan went ahead to inform him that David was battling cancer.

Seemingly, David’s family also started a GoFundMe page to cover the expenses. Fans blamed Robyn for keeping her kids away from David after his medical condition. The patriarch from Sister Wives esponded that Robyn’s kids chose not to have a relationship with their father.

However, he trailed off and changed the subject after finding no better response. Kody stated, “This is about somebody else and somebody else’s life.” He refused to answer the fan’s question after saying that he was not interested in answering a question about someone else’s life.

Sister Wives: Fans Slam Kody & Robyn For Refusing Family Reunion!

Kody and Robyn are loving their monogamous life after the family fallout. They are focusing entirely on themselves and building their own lives with their kids. Now it appears that the Sister Wives stars are not even ready for a family reunion.

Recently, TLC shared a sneak peek about an upcoming episode. The network asked Kody, Robyn, and his exes about a possible reunion. Seemingly, the majority of his wives were ready for the sake of their children. However, Kody and Robyn bluntly refused the idea.

Kody stated that he would never want to consider a reunion after the way Chrsitine trash-talked about him. Meanwhile, Robyn called it a bad idea that would invite more fights and arguments. However, Sister Wives fans called it an excuse to avoid the family reuniting again.

Do you also feel that Kody and Robyn want a monogamous life now? Share your thoughts with us below.

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