Sister Wives: Kody Makes Efforts To Mend Things With Daughter Savannah!

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is slowly losing his relationships after his divorce from Christine. He is on the verge of splitting other wives, too, due to his selfish and narcissistic behavior in Season 18. Janelle has already made up her mind about breaking ties with her husband. She isn’t ready to give him another chance, only to treat her like an option.

The latter doesn’t think that he genuinely wants to reconcile. Kody already has an estranged relationship with Janelle’s sons, Gabe and Garrison. Savannah was also sad to see that her dad abandoned her on Christmas. Now, it appears that the TLC star was making an effort to improve his relationship with his daughter. Did it work?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Tries To Improve Things With Savannah!

Kody and Janelle are struggling to come on the same page after their blowout fight. However, the former wasn’t ready to lose his second wife after his divorce from Christine. He had been asking the mom-of-six to reconcile for several weeks.

However, neither Janelle nor her kids were ready to give Kody another chance. The patriarch abandoned all of her children on Christmas this year. Gabe and Garrison already decided that they don’t need a father figure anymore. Meanwhile, Savannah was very close with dad.

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It seems that the dad of eighteen was trying to improve his relationship with Savannah. Recently, Kody visited Janelle’s new apartment to see Savannah. Surprisingly, the mom-of-six revealed that her husband has been making efforts with their daughter.

Janelle went on to reveal that he frequently took Savannah out for dinner. She said that the plural husband had been seeing his daughter more than he had at the beginning of the year. Meanwhile, Kody admitted, “My relationship with Savanah is sweet and gentle.”

However, he hadn’t been in touch with Gabe and Garrison for a long time. Kody went on to express his desire to get over things in the future with his sons. The patriarch was quite sad to see that they were not willing to engage with him.

Sister Wives: Janelle Celebrated Christmas Along With Kids! Kody Ignored Them

Janelle Brown always preferred her kids’ happiness over her husband. She slammed Kody for making her choose between him and her kids. The Sister Wives star chose her kids obviously every time. Now, the reality TV celeb also celebrated Christmas alone with the kids.

Janelle was happy to enjoy the festival peacefully. However, she was sad to see that her husband abandoned his daughter as well on the occasion. None of the family members were with them. Also, Kody stated that he only wanted to be around his loyal wife and kids that day. He wanted to block all the things and avoid seeing or talking to Janelle.

Fans were angry to see Kody’s behavior with her daughter. They slammed the TLC star for treating his kids badly. Now, fans are waiting to see if Savannah will forgive her father for the way he treated her.

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