Sister Wives: Kody & Madison’s Bonds Have Severed, Claims Janelle

Maddie Brush, the second eldest kid of Kody and Janelle Brown, was a Sister Wives cast member earlier. She had quit the family show during her late teen years. She has since maintained a reasonable distance from cameras and is currently living a happy life in North Carolina.

The mom of three is also maintaining a safe distance from her father, Kody, who sounded clueless about the same in the recent episode. But Maddie’s mother, Janelle, quickly jumped in to spill the truth. Read further to know why!

 Sister Wives: Kody Acts Clueless As To Why His Daughter Maddie Does Not Talk To Him!

Sister Wives star Kody often blames his former wife, Christine, for her estrangement with most of his kids. During an unforeseen twist in last Sunday’s episode titled “Airing the Dirty Laundry,” he revealed that he does not talk to the oldest daughter he had with Janelle- Maddie Brush.

The Brown family patriarch stated that he is clueless as to why his daughter stopped talking to him. Kody shared that this happened during his split with Christine, perhaps due to COVID-19. He went on to shift the blame on his daughter, stating, “She quit reaching out to me.”

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Sister Wives

Maddie’s mother, Janelle, disagreed with Kody’s claim and shared her opinion during a confessional. This came right after his conversation with the camera. She revealed that her daughter does not contact him, perhaps because of his behavior.

The Sister Wives star went on to mention that her daughter does not recognize him anymore because of the huge shift in his personality. Janelle continued that Maddie is concerned about what and whom her kids “see or perceive as a grandfather.”

Janelle said that there are several reasons why Maddie does not call him. She indirectly shifted the blame back on Kody’s shoulders for being inefficient in sharing a wholesome bond with her kids.

Sister Wives: Maddie Was Once Very Close To Kody!

Maddie Brush is now a mom of three, and her Instagram is filled with posts featuring her adorable kids. It had indeed been almost four years since she had posted anything related to her father on her social media.

This has not been the same always, as she was once very close to her father, Kody. So much so that she and her now-husband, Caleb Brush, asked him to officiate their wedding ceremony. But their bond seems to have changed over the years.

Sister Wives

Several Sister Wives viewers agreed with this in the comments of a Reddit thread. One of the internet users said that maybe marrying Caleb made Maddie realize that her mother and siblings were not treated right.

Another Redditor recalled the scene where Maddie opened up about missing solo rides with her dad. Likewise, several other fans brought up the instances where the stark kif felt left out in contrast to other kids of the family.

What do you think could have been the true reason why Maddie drifted apart from her father? Sound off in the comment section.

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