Sister Wives: Kody Insults Robyn’s Ex-Husband Who Is Battling Cancer!

Noted Sister Wives stars Kody and Robyn have only been digging a deeper hole for themselves. It happened when they began starring in Season 18. They were already upset that Christine had exited their plural family. The rest of the season captured how Janelle and Meri also came to that same conclusion.

Instead of looking back and holding themselves accountable, Kody and Robyn continued to blame the rest of the family members for leaving. This left a bad taste in viewers mouth and they continued to slam them. This time around they crossed a line once again, and fans are rather angry. Apparently, Kody ended up insulting Robyn’s ex!

Sister Wives: Kody Comes At Robyn’s Cancer-Stricken Husband! Hits A New Low

Kody and Robyn have become very familiar with controversies at this point. From the time Sister Wives began airing more than 10 years ago, they have failed to impact the audience positively. A lot began going wrong for them, especially when Christine, Meri, and Janelle left the family. They have been having a hard time dealing with this change.

Yet, the couple fails to understand or take responsibility for their wrongdoings. During the Tell All, there was a moment where Kody was reflecting on how he vetted Robyn before deciding to marry her. Longtime viewers already must know how she was in a relationship and had three kids from her previous marriage. So, while looking back on that, Kody made some improper statements.

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Kody went as far as saying he really wanted to know Robyn didn’t leave a “good man” before marrying him. So, this made it clear to the Sister Wives fanbase that he was accusing his wife’s ex-husband of being a bad person. It was an incredibly harsh statement. Many felt upset as there has also been news about Robyn’s ex, David Jessop, battling cancer.

The fans were extremely upset after realizing Kody was trying his best to continue to paint a bad picture for others to make himself and Robyn look good. Soon, a discussion began on Reddit over this. Many said that while they didn’t know her ex-David’s situation, they were well aware of Robyn’s lies. Others shunned Kody for playing God, deciding who was good or bad.

Sister Wives: Kody Slams Christine’s New Husband, David, Too!

Robyn’s ex wasn’t the only person Kody took a dig at. Fans already know how Christine’s new husband, David Woolley, also made his debut on the show. He joined the Sister Wives star as they talked about their new relationship to host Sukanya Krishnan. The latter ended up asking the former polygamist about David Woolley also.

Kody frankly responded by saying he didn’t “know David.” But, he assumed that Christine must have had to bad mouth David for him to have to marry her. The cast member took a jibe at the former third wife again by saying she speaks ill of him infront of their kids

, too. But Sukanya made sure she told Kody that David didn’t think he was a bad man. So, he was caught off guard and said, “Okay good.”

How do you feel about these new statements from Kody? Did you like David Woolley’s debut? Let us know how you feel in the comments below.

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