Sister Wives: Kody Can’t Show His Face In Church Anymore — “Too Embarrased”

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is someone who associates his polygamous lifestyle with his religion. He considered it to be the gateway to heaven. Hence, the celeb tried his best to continue his marriage with his four wives but failed miserably. Now, it seems that because of all the splits that the patriarch had to undergo, his faith and ideology are changing.

Recently, Kody ended up confessing that now he is actually “embarrassed” to even go to his own church! Is this because of his three consecutive divorces? Or is there some other reason? What is Kody Brown up to now?

Sister Wives: Kody Is ‘Embarrassed’ To Show His Face In The Church!

Sister Wives star Kody Brown follows Mormon Culture and considers plural marriage as a religious act. He even used to call himself a “man of faith.” The celeb even made his family follow some strict rules about their clothing and attributes. Hence, it was evident that the church played a huge role in Kody’s life.

But now it seems that things have started to change. During a recent episode, Kody admitted on national television that he believes he is actually in a state of “limbo” now. This came after he had spent a lot of time without religious ties with his community.

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Kody openly confessed that if he had been in Utah right now, he would have been really “embarrassed” to show his face in the church. He explained that this is because of all the struggles and issues his family has undergone in the last few years. The Sister Wives star further stated feeling “Lots of shame.”

That is the reason why Kody decided not to become a part of any kind of church in Flagstaff. He also admitted that, for now, he hasn’t “established” any particular connection “religiously” in the noted state. Apparently, the celeb knows that everything his family underwent is on national television. Hence, it seems that now he kind of avoids religious things because of the same.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Says He Isn’t A Perfect ‘Fit’ For His Old Religion

Sister Wives star Kody Brown follows the Apostolic United Brethren sect of Mormon Culture. He has advocated its ideas during his entire life. But after Christine, Janelle, and Meri left him, his ideology and mindset changed a lot. Now, it seems that the celeb has even stopped considering himself as a perfect fit for the church.

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Kody stated, “I’m not a fit in my old religion.” He further explained, “We’re in, let me use a term, no pun intended, we’re in limbo.” Amid all this, it is evident that the celeb has never been a person who adopted the traditional way of going to a church like the old times.

Brown instead decided to go for having his own Bible studies that exclusively used to involve his own family. Hence, it seems that going to a church won’t make any kind of difference in his life. Moreover, the celeb has even claimed in the past that he was “kicked” out of his church. So this could be another factor why Kody is avoiding the same now.

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