Sister Wives: Kody Calls Himself A Piece Of Sh*t

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is evidently messed up because of three consecutive divorces. He isn’t able to deal with the dynamics and is in chaos. The celeb is trying hard to adjust to the new normal of his life. But it is really hard for him to accept the truth and move on in his life.

Amid all this, Kody was hit with some realizations as well. He ended up calling himself a ‘piece Of Sh*t’ to which many viewers are agreeing for a change. But now they are wondering what led to this self-analysis and what made him draw this conclusion.

Sister Wives: Kody Calls Himself A Piece Of Sh*t

Kody Brown clearly isn’t in his right mind during Sister Wives Season 18. He is saying anything and is receiving backlash because of the same. During the Tell All episode, the celeb talked about his relationship with Robyn and admitted having thoughts of leaving her.

As per Kody, he thought of “leaving” Robyn and having another “lover” in her place. He continued that he planned to tell the latter, “I don’t love you. I’m in love with another woman.” Kody added,  “I’m in love with a woman that I left because I was too much a piece of sh**t .”

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As per Kody, he is a “piece of sh*t” because he wasn’t able to “manage” his relationship with Robyn. However, he admitted that now he is really “embarrassed” because of this. The Sister Wives celeb tried to explain that these thoughts were simply a result of his “anger.”

This came after Robyn had already talked about Kody’s attempt to sabotage her marriage. So, this makes it clear that these weren’t mere thoughts, as he ended up implementing them as well. However, Sister Wives viewers feel that Kody’s justification wasn’t logical at all, and he was simply beating behind the bush.

Sister Wives: Kody Talks About Transition From Polygamy To Monogamy With Robyn

Kody Brown is openly talking about how his three divorces have affected his relationship with Robyn. He explained that he and his wife are still “in a deep state of mourning” while they aren’t able to recover from it at all. The Sister Wives celeb admitted that starting a monogamous life after years of polygamy was a hard nut to crack.

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Kody and Robyn believe that they are a bit “depressed” because of the divorces. The former stated they have had a “very hard experience.” Hence, the celeb feels that the reaction they gave to the dynamics has changed them completely. The celeb added in a chatty conversation with InTouch that they are now in a “transitionary point” where he is trying his best to let the “sunshine” come back.

This came after Robyn had already talked about how difficult it was to deal with Kody during the entire time. She made it clear that no woman should be married to a man who is undergoing a divorce. However, now it seems that the couple is trying hard to coexist and are trying to mend fences in their newfound monogamous life.

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