Sister Wives: Kody Brown’s 8 Most Cowardly Acts Ranked

Sister Wives star Kody Brown isn’t the world’s most courageous man. His acts of cowardice have led to disaster. His family’s falling apart.

Sister Wives season 18 star Kody Brown’s committed shocking acts of cowardice that left the Brown family reeling. It’s all about Kody, and nothing seems to please him. He fades out of important discussions after throwing temper tantrums. He assigns blame to long-suffering women who’ve been putting up with his fragile ego, doublespeak, rampant chauvinism, and lame excuses for decades. Uber-patriarch Kody’s also into self-pity, even though he has so much, including a $900,000 house in Flagstaff. He whines about life while Janelle Brown lives in a bares-bones rental! She doesn’t have a wine fridge and four-car garage, but Kody and Robyn do! Janelle has a hand-me-down bean bag chair.

Kody thinks he’s “Atlas,” carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, but Meri, Janelle and Christine carry the most crushing burdens. Even if they leave him (and all three have done so offscreen), they have to live with the bad memories. Onscreen, Christine Brown already bailed out, and no wonder. Meri, Janelle and Christine just aren’t good enough for him. He’s made that clear over and over again. He’s humiliated these women, who only wanted his love. Kody, never the most eloquent man, even botches idioms (“the fire is on the bridge!”) and uses “big words” while trying to prove that his neglected spouses are the ONLY problem.

8Kody Caves Into Robyn’s Demands Every Single Time

Robyn and Kody Brown from Sister Wives

Kody’s all about Robyn, and because he’s in love with her, he often plays the wimp. Robyn wants things her way, and Kody stops at nothing to make sure that wife number four’s happy. However, when he does, he’s always ignoring the other wives. Christine left him because of this.

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While Robyn isn’t openly demanding, she relies on devious methods that make it so simple to manipulate her husband. Sobbin’ Robyn can turn on the waterworks (a regular occurrence), or pretend to care about Meri, Janelle and Christine while subtly putting them down. She can reach deep into her bag of tricks while convincing reality TV show star Kody that giving her special treatment is the best thing he’s ever done. When she’s really “on,” he doesn’t even know he’s being played.

In Sister Wives season 18, Robyn’s playing the same old game… and playing Kody like a violin. She’s pantomiming distress over family holiday plans, in her “caring sister wife” guise. However, she doesn’t want those women in the picture anyway. Robyn secretly wants monogamy, so Meri, Janelle and Christine are actually in the way. Robyn’s BS is something that Kody just accepts, even though the other wives see right through it. He never stands up to “Queen Robyn.”

Of course, Robyn’s a perfect fit for Kody, thanks to her simpering persona, crocodile tears, and passive-aggressive tactics. She’s different from the other woman, and since Kody’s basically a villain now, the demure yet Machiavellian Robyn’s his ideal match. Like the “Mormon sect” version of Bonnie and Clyde, they leave a path of destruction in their wake.

7Kody’s Too Weak To Create A “Safe Space” For Janelle

Montage of Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown and Kody Brown

It’s so easy to treat people well. So, why does Kody struggle with that? In Sister Wives season 18, he’s going to extreme lengths in order to shift blame. It was a new low when he told Sister Wives‘ Janelle Brown that he just couldn’t create a, “safe” space for her, where she could discuss her concerns without fear. What kind of man can’t make a discussion “safe” for his wife of 30 years? Is it really that hard to just let her talk, and listen to her? Kody’s got issues that are bone-deep, and appears to need professional help. A therapist might make it easier for him to open up, and allow others to do the same.

6Kody’s Cool Act’s A Defense Mechanism

kody brown final convertible lexus with robyn cropped

Kody’s all about acting cool. He used to prowl around in that shiny white sports car, clearly super-impressed with himself. Of course, Robyn was usually in the passenger seat. While he’s retired his treasured white Lexus convertible, he’s still got that embarrassingly macho attitude. He’s canoodling with bros, talking about feelings, but his emotional intelligence is non-existent. He’s remarkably inept when it comes to understanding even the most basic and universal emotions. His wives try to make him understand how they feel, and then the crickets chirp.

Under that “so cool” exterior is a hot mess. Kody’s not as tough as he wants to be. When Janelle verbally attacked him, he unraveled. He couldn’t handle the truth. Robyn’s not swearing at Kody and telling him where he’s going wrong. That’s why she’s still his wife. She knows that the direct route gets her nowhere. With Kody, a woman has to put a lot of sugar on it.

5Kody Seems To Spend More Money On Robyn & Their Kids

 Kody and Robyn from Sister Wives

Recently, Kody weakly moaned about Janelle doling out, “separation punishment,” as though he didn’t have it coming. It’s wild that he doesn’t comprehend just how hard he’s pushed Meri, Janelle and Christine away. For example, he seems to spend a lot of his cash on Robyn and their kids. This really isn’t a nice thing to do. He has a lot of kids by other mothers, and onscreen, he has two other wives. By failing to equally distribute his resources, he’s basically asking to be hated.

While Janelle still loves him, she’s over this stuff. She’s looking for a way out. Even Kody’s kids by other women are complaining about the imbalance. Kody doesn’t really seem to care, or why would he have let it get this bad? He has the aforementioned fancy home with Robyn, and some luxe jewelry that he shamelessly flaunts. Robyn and Kody seem to live well. In fact, the Sister Wives duo live like royalty, while the rest of the family, relatively speaking, live like peasants.

4He’s Cowardly Stringing Meri Along Onscreen

Sister Wives' Meri Brown looking off screen and Kody Brown looking straight ahead

Meri has flaws of her own, such as failing to read Kody’s “signals.” Those not-so-subtle “signs” show that he really wants nothing to do with her. However, onscreen, he’s still playing the big-time polygamist. If Meri was more intuitive, she might get the message, but clearly, Kody needs to make things a lot clearer for her. He’s currently too cowardly to really spell it out.

Offscreen, she did get the message and left. That’s such a great thing for her, as she was getting nothing she needed from Kody (and vice versa). However, offscreen, she’s stressed out because she wants to move to Utah, and is afraid Kody will interpret that as her leaving him.

These two broke up long ago, but not formally. That’s the problem. In season 18, it’s tough to watch Meri vacillate. She’s acted that way for so long. Offscreen, she’s showing a little spirit, but still leaving plaintive “cryptic posts” on Instagram. Will she ever get over it?

3Kody Won’t Sleep With Anyone But Robyn

two images of Robyn Brown from Sister Wives smiling slightly

What kind of polygamist sleeps with only one wife? What kind of message does that send? Onscreen, Kody’s way too weak to admit that he’s not really a polygamist anymore. He’s trying to worm his way out of just saying it, with some “plural monogamy” mumbo-jumbo that is dazzlingly stupid. Finding another, more “creative” term for monogamy doesn’t change a thing. However, he’s seemingly oblivious to the fact that denying his other wives sex is extremely insulting.

How would he feel if they did the same? Would it make him happy? Probably not. Kody’s ego’s always in play, so he wouldn’t take that kind of rejection well at all. However, Kody’s more than willing to dish out what he can’t take. He’s ultimately just wimpy, as it’s not so hard to be straight with people. His non-Robyn wives deserve that respect.

2Kody’s Refusing To Really Grow Up

Sister Wives' Kody Brown looking mad

Kody’s lack of maturity’s scary. It’s a red flag that spells disaster. He has kids who are open about feeling neglected, and his typical response is just to put it on the mothers. He has this weird inertia when it comes to solving problems with his children. Is that because he hasn’t really grown up himself?

It’s been said that when a person gets famous, they stop maturing. So, a child star might have a lot of trouble growing up, and there have been many cases when that was true. Child stars are notoriously troubled. Kody’s been on TV for 18 years now, and his maturity may have stalled during season 1, when he became a celebrity.

Kody’s life has changed a lot, but he’s not really evolving. Instead, he seems perplexed by the fact that life’s different now, as if he’s frozen in time. Season 1 aired in 2010, So, back then, Kody was 41. Now, he’s in his fifties, but doesn’t really give off “older and wiser” vibes. Has he learned anything from experience? It doesn’t seem like it, as he still deflects like he used to.

1Kody’s Sexist Beliefs Are So Wimpy

Sister Wives Kody Brown with Christine in the background

Yes, he’s steeped in a religion that doesn’t really put women first, but it’s 2023, and Kody should have a better understanding of equality. He doesn’t, as he’s still chatting with his bros about sacred loneliness and the like. While he tries to appear considerate while discussing such matters, he’s embraced his “leadership” role in the family for many years, and never wanted to relinquish it.

It’s a sad fact that he may have dragged out his plural marriage just for the sake of his “polygamist patriarch” status. Did that – and the money that comes with it – mean more than being honest with his wives about who he is? Possibly, but now, it’s harder and harder for him to convince his remaining wives that he cares about them.

Offscreen, Janelle and Meri gave up all hope. Sister Wives season 18’s been quite a ride so far, with the Brown family’s demise playing out onscreen. Kody doesn’t come off well, and being a stronger person might help his image. He’s still got Robyn, but Meri, Janelle and Christine won’t forget all he’s done.

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