‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Wanted Meri To Lie?

Sister Wives fans simply could not understand why Meri Brown stuck around Kody Brown for so long. In a recent preview for Season 18, she revealed the reasons for that. Additionally, she called out her former spiritual husband for wanting her to lie to TLC fans by omission.

Meri Brown Finally Left Kody

TLC fans grew so frustrated with Leon’s mom over the years. She hung around like a spare wheel. Season after season showed her being humiliated on national TV. And yet, she stuck with it. At the end of Season 17, she finally admitted that they had separated. However, it seems that she might have left much sooner.

Meri Brown seems to be very happy without her ex-husband in her life. Naturally, TLC fans are keen to find out why the Sister Wives stars didn’t officially separate long ago. For all this time, they labeled his first wife as delusional. People said horrid things to to her on social media, calling her crazy, or blind to the fact that she couldn’t see that he didn’t love her.


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Meri Brown Reveals The Lie  By Omission

 Sister Wives fans have called out Kody before for being a liar. Now, Meri claimed that he wanted her to lie as well. E! News carried a preview for the TLC show’s episode that airs on October 29. In her talk about it, Meri admitted that when she tied the knot, she believed their union was “literally…an eternal covenant.”

Kody Wanted Meri Brown To Lie To Sister Wives Fans
Meri Brown opens up about Kody Brown’s relationship – Sister Wives – TLC YouTube

Meri Brown said in the Sister Wives preview, that she knew it was all over when Kody told her, “I’m just not interested. You can stick around if you want.” So, she stuck around. But mainly, she wanted to enjoy time with Robyn’s kids. So, she wasn’t hanging around for a guy for all “eternity” who didn’t want her. In her own way, she used to try and tell her fans on social media that she stayed for the family. Now, she said it again. And then, she revealed the lie.

Meri Brown talked about how many TLC fans wanted to know what was up with her and her former husband. So, she approached him and said, “Because our life is public, ‘Why don’t we just be real open and honest about this?” She added, “We should discuss this and …we should really be open about our story with this.” 

Relating his reaction, she claimed that Kody said, “No, I don’t want to do that.” Additionally, he wanted to perpetuate a lie. He told Meri, “I just have so much criticism I don’t want to be open and vocal about it. Let’s just keep this between us.”

Sister Wives – Meri Wants To Tell Her Story

What do you think of Kody Brown refusing to be honest with TLC fans about his relationship with Meri Brown? Was that cowardly? Do you believe that he really fears backlash from viewers of the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments

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