‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Threatens to ‘Run Away’ From Marriage to Robyn Brown: ‘Deal Breaker’ Could End Union

Sister Wives star Kody Brown continues to mourn the end of his marriage to Christine Brown as season 18 continues. He is also dealing with irreparable problems within his union with Janelle Brown. However, Kody’s marriage to his legal wife, Robyn Brown, is also in trouble. During the series’ latest installment, Kody Brown threatened to “run away” from his monogamist marriage, but Robyn claims a “deal breaker” could end their union for good.

Is Robyn Brown and Kody Brown’s marriage on the rocks?

Since Sister Wives premiered in 2010, Kody and Robyn Brown’s marriage appeared to be the most stable of his four unions. Previously, Kody was legally wed to Meri Brown and spiritually married to Christine, Janelle, and Robyn Brown.

Kody cemented his relationship with Robyn by divorcing Meri in 2014 and marrying Robyn. This allowed him to legally adopt her three children from her first marriage to David Jessop: Dayton, Brianna, and Aruroa.

This scenario has changed on the heels of Christine’s exit from the clan, Kody’s indifference toward Meri, and his explosive fight with Janelle. Kody, while still devoted to the one wife who he says is “fundamentally total” to him.

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In a season 18, episode 4 confessional, Kody admits he’s considered abandoning Robyn and starting life over fresh. “There’s an urge to break it all and start again somewhere else,” Kody says.

“I have this gut thing. I’d like to run away from my life, escape, change my name, disappear, become somebody else. I hate my life right now.”

In response, Robyn claims this admission “feels a little bit like a deal breaker of our marriage. It would absolutely devastate me if he decided to leave me. I know he has these thoughts.”

She continued, “You can’t make anybody stick around or stay. I know he would regret it. It’s just from pain. It’s not because he’s selfish or bad; he’s just in pain.”

Has Kody Brown moved on from Robyn Brown?

Scenes from season 18 of Sister Wives were filed well over one year ago. As of today, Robyn and Kody Brown remain married.

However, lingering issues appear to remain within their union. In an interview with People Magazine, Robyn admitted she and Kody are still struggling as a couple.

Robyn confessed Kody had been self-sabotaging their marriage since being left by Christine and Janelle Brown and first wife, Meri. She claims he’s “looking at me sideways because I am a woman” because “there’s women in his life that he’s struggling with.”

She continued, “It’s been a couple of years of this and then picking fights and then just acting like he’s stressed out that I’ll leave him too or something.” However, it appears Robyn is in her marriage for the long haul.

“I’m not going anywhere. We’re sticking this out. We’re figuring this out,” Robyn admitted. She continued that it has been “really hard to  help him to realize and remember our relationship.”

What’s next for the Brown family?

The cast of TLC's 'Sister Wives' in a photo depicting the events of season 18.
The cast of TLC’s ‘Sister Wives’ in a photo depicting the events of season 18 | Discovery Press/TLC

As season 18 of Sister Wives hits almost the halfway point, Kody and Meri Brown face their longstanding issues as a couple. After over a decade of estrangement and no intimacy in their marriage, Kody and Meri permanently terminated their union in January 2023.

In the episode 5 installment titled “When the going gets tough,” the Brown family discusses the aftermath of the Christmas 2021 holiday season. This season currently airs episodes filmed almost 21 months prior.

Janelle confesses to Christine that she doesn’t know if her marriage can be fixed; Robyn and Meri try to dissect what went wrong and reveal that Kody was not always equal with his time.

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