Sister Wives: Kody Brown Ripped For New Lies

Kody Brown has been trying hard to prove himself innocent of all the accusations of his exes. Christine, Janelle, and Meri are no longer a part of the patriarch’s life. But Sister Wives Season 18 is shedding light on the family dynamics after Christine’s divorce from Kody.

Also, the kids accused Kody of preferring Robyn and her kids over everyone else. However, the Sister Wives star has been denying all the accusations. Now, it appears that he finally admitted having a special wife in a plural setup. How did his exes react?

Sister Wives: Kody Receives Hate For Lying About Favorites In Marriage!

Sister Wives stars Christine, Janelle, and Meri’s life started going through a major change after the entry of Robyn Brown. Kody Brown started spending more time with his fourth wife, and the issues began. Soon, the ex-polygamist lost all kinds of intimacy with his spiritual wives.

Christine was the first to know her worth and walk out from his toxic trap. Now, Janelle and Meri are struggling to find a way in Season 18 for a peaceful life. Recently, TLC shared a sneak peek of an upcoming episode. In it, the network asked, “Can a plural marriage work when there’s a ‘favorite’ wife?”

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Kody, Christine, Meri, and Janelle appeared in the video to share their thoughts in a confessional interview for Sister Wives. Meri was the first to share her views. She stated, “When you have a favorite wife, it definitely doesn’t work.” Next, Christine said that she’s seen many plural families with a “favorite” wife and thought, “That’s not okay.”

Further, the camera panned toward Janelle as she stated that a polygamist can’t have a favorite. She went on to continue, “He has to grow beyond his normal selfish capacity and be able to love all of these women.” Also, the reality TV star pointed out that a plural husband has to give each woman adequate time and connections.

Sister Wives: Fans Thrash Kody Brown For His “Loyalty” Remarks!

Kody Brown always sparks a debate with his ideologies and beliefs. The Sister Wives celeb again raised eyebrows for sharing his two cents about polygamy. He explained that it really has to do with loyalty when a man has a favorite wife in polygamy.

Moreover, Kody added, “That he feels her loyalty, that he feels that she’s loyal to him.” The dad-of-eighteen concluded that a man has to struggle with a woman if they don’t feel loyalty. However, fans got furious about the statement and slammed him in the comment section.

Sister Wives

One Sister Wives fan wrote, “They’re women, not dogs, Kody. Loyalty and respect go hand-in-hand.” Meanwhile, another fan pointed out that he meant subservient by loyalty. Further, a different fan noted that he had never been in a plural marriage ever since he met with Robyn.

However, the others praised Janelle for stating, “Most men fail, obviously.”

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