Sister Wives: Kody Brown Praised For Supporting Christine & David

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has become widely known for his bad behavior and toxic attitude. He had a messy split with his third wife, Christine Brown, in 2021. The pair ended their spiritual union after failing to stay on the same page. Christine had different expectations with her polygamist husband, and they lacked romance. Things started falling apart between the couple when Robyn became Kody’s favorite wife.

The latter’s behavior changed completely since his divorce. Kody has a lot of anger and frustration over his third wife for breaking his polygamous setup. The reality TV celebrity has become a villain in front of fans for hurting his wives and bad-mouthing them. However, his recent behavior shocked fans after he used some kind words for Christine.

Sister Wives: Kody Receives Love For His Changed Attitude!

Kody Brown has been recovering from his three consecutive divorces. He appeared angry and grumpy all the time during Season 18. The Sister Wives star has been accusing all his exes of breaking up his polygamous setup. However, the viewers were shocked to see his new attitude in Christine and David’s wedding special episodes.

Recently, the producers asked him about his views on his ex’s marriage. Kody stated that he knows about Christine’s wedding with his new love of life because he met David. But he was curious to see the announcement of her wedding at his sister’s house. However, he had no issues with his third wife moving on in her life.

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The Sister Wives star added, “I’m really fine. I’m resolved with it. Our relationship ended.” Kody explained, “She made the accusation that I had…” before Robyn cut him off in the middle. She stated, “Aren’t we just so happy for them? We’re just so happy for them, right? That’s what we want.” But he didn’t stop and continued to tell his story.

Kody remembered how his ex-wife used to tell their children that their dad had found his soulmate. Hence, she went ahead to look out for her soulmate, too. Kody was happy about the fact that Christine had been happily moving on. Fans were shocked to see Kody’s changed attitude. Several Redditors gushed over Kody on being genuinely happy for his ex and using some kind words.

Sister Wives: Kody Admits His Wedding With Christine Was Lackluster!

Kody Brown welcomed his third wife, Christine Brown, in a spiritual ceremony. He was already married to Meri and Janelle before that. Recently, he admitted that his marriage with his third wife was anything but spectacular. He told the producers, “My wedding to Christine was lackluster.”

The TLC star stated that he had a 1000-yard stare, and the other Sister Wives were not really in their best emotional state. He went ahead to explain that his first two wives, Janelle and Meri, were not close to Christine at that time. Hence, it was an awkward wedding day for the ex-pair.

He added, “It wasn’t a great day,” before adding that he was happy about his ex’s wife’s wedding with David. Kody said, “I hope that Christine has a great day with her wedding,”

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