Sister Wives: Kody Brown Isn’t Paying His Property Tax? He’s Behind $5,000 Tax On Coyote Pass

Coyote Pass has been a crucial segment of Sister Wives show. Kody and his wives collectively bought it with a dream of building and living together. However, the dynamics have completely changed now as he had to undergo three divorces altogether.

Kody is struggling in life as his plural family has fallen apart. But there are more struggles in his life than that. Recently, viewers were surprised to know that Kody isn’t even paying his property tax when it comes to Coyote Pass. It was recently discovered that he is behind nearly $5,000 and would soon perhaps end up getting into trouble! What is the celeb up to now?

Sister Wives: Why Is Kody Behind Nearly $5,000 On Property Tax Of Coyote Pass?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown initially struggled to pay off Coyote Pass. For many years, the entire family couldn’t even build on the land because of the outstanding dues. However, after burning the midnight oil, Kody and Janelle ended up paying off their dues to Fidelity National Title Agency.

Fans finally took a sigh of relief as Kody and Janelle would have lost their share in Coyote Pass if they didn’t pay it off now. But still, it seems that the former is least bothered to construct on it while he isn’t even paying his taxes as well.

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Recently, InTouch revealed that Kody and Robyn are owners of three of the parcels of Coyote Pass. It disclosed that documents state how they still owe $539.24, $890.15, and $1,292.42, respectively, in late property taxes. On the other hand, Meri and Janelle are listed on the fourth part and owe $1,246.77.

Apparently, Christine has already washed off her hands from the noted property during her divorce. She perhaps had an idea of the mess and decided to take a step back. So, for now, it’s only Kody, Robyn, Janelle, and Meri who are the sole owners of the Coyote Pass. Yet, it is unclear why they aren’t paying their taxes and why they are taking it for granted now.

Sister Wives: Who Gets The Fifth Parcel Of Coyote Pass?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown didn’t want to get into the mess of the Browns after her divorce. So, she decided to take a step back from the Coyote Pass property. The celeb signed it away in the name of Kody and never looked back. Initially, viewers predicted that her part would be equally distributed among the Browns. But it seems that is not the case.

During a recent episode of Season 18, Meri decided to confront Kody and Robyn about the same. The latter was quick to claim that he would be the one who would get the land. Apparently, he feels that he has 18 children, so he should be getting the pond parcel. Moreover, Kody tried to explain that Meri only had one child. So, he believes that he is the deserving candidate to take Christine’s portion.

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But Meri feels that it’s ‘weird’ and unfair. She stated that she had been putting her funds in the Browns’ financial pod even when her marriage wasn’t functioning. Hence, she believes that she should at least get some property in return for that. But on the other hand, Kody accused her of not sharing her funds with the family.

Amid all this, fans feel that Kody and his wives should hire a lawyer who could equally distribute the land between them.

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