Sister Wives: Kody Brown Is Experiencing ‘Death’ With Robyn! Here Why

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is undergoing a lot during his Season 18 appearance. He is facing the aftermath of divorce from Christine while Janelle is on the verge of leaving.

Amid all this, Meri’s disdain towards the patriarch is also evident as she has decided to move to Utah on a permanent basis. Hence, all these chaotic dynamics have affected him a lot.

Recently, Kody decided to open up about the same finally and made some shocking revelations. He confessed how he is experiencing ‘death’ with his only wife, Robyn, amid all the divorce dynamics. What is Kody up to these days? Is he fine?

Sister Wives: Kody Confesses He’s Experiencing Death With His Only Wife

Season 18 of Sister Wives is documenting the disintegration of the Brown family. Kody has already undergone a divorce with Christine, and the frustration that it left is ruining the rest of the three marriages as well.

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Lately, viewers have been witnessing how Janelle and Meri have also started to drift away from Kody. So, it is evident that the latter is about to face two more splits now.


Amid all this, Kody opened up about how all these experiences have been affecting him as a person and his relationship with Robyn. He admitted that lately, whether it is on or off camera, he and his wife have been dealing with a lot of emotional stress.

The Sister Wives celeb admitted that these divorces and issues have led to a “death-like experience” for him. Kody also explained how divorces have changed him as a person. However, he was grateful that Robyn had been dealing with him with a lot of “grace and forgiveness.”

Kody admitted that this is why his relationship with his fourth wife is still stronger. Yet he believes that he is aware of all the mistakes that he has made, which led to these chaotic dynamics.

Sister Wives: Kody Talks About His Relationship With His Ex-Wives

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has been receiving backlash because of his favoritism towards Robyn. Moreover, the majority of the audience has also chosen his exes’ side and has called him out for various things. Recently, the celeb opened up about how he has finally started to learn to deal with all the online hate that he has been getting these days.

Kody also admitted that he is trying his best to stay calm and keeps on reminding himself that it is none of his business. He also talked about his relationship with Janelle. The TLC star confessed that the latter isn’t interested in any kind of reconciliation now.


Yet, the Sister Wives celeb, Kody, seems to be hopeful that time would help them in changing things and healing themselves. He further discussed his bond with Meri as well. Kody believed that his relationship started to deteriorate seven years ago

Since then, Kody and Meri have been trying to figure out what to do with each other. So it is evident that the celeb doesn’t have any hopes regarding reconciliation with any of his ex-wives now.

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