Sister Wives: Kody Brown Frustrated By Christine & Janelle Brown’s Deep Bond

    • Kody feels “betrayed” by Janelle for prioritizing her relationship with Christine over their own, leaving him feeling undermined as the head of the family.
    • The complicated 30-year relationship between Kody and Janelle has been marked by a sense of love and respect, but recent disloyalty from Janelle has strained their bond.
    • Janelle and Christine’s strong relationship, showcased in the recent season of Sister Wives, has further hurt Kody and led to a breakdown in his relationship with Janelle.

Sister Wives Kody Brown is sharing his honest thoughts surrounding the relationship between his ex-wives, Christine Brown and Janelle Brown, on the upcoming Sister Wives: One On One special. Kody’s relationships with Janelle and his first wife, Meri Brown, came to a head during Sister Wives season 18. The couples had very different ends throughout the season, with Meri and Kody definitively choosing to end their relationship, while Janelle and Kody were more ambiguous about doing so. After a massive fight early on Sister Wives season 18, Janelle and Kody had difficulty speaking to one another to clear the air, as both felt uncomfortable.

In a clip from Sister Wives: One On One special shared by People, Kody explained that he felt “so angry” and “betrayed” by Janelle’s choice to continue supporting Christine, keeping their relationship alive while her marriage to Kody suffered. “Janelle sees more value in the relationship with Christine than she does in the relationship with me,” Kody explained, sharing that he is “supposed to be the head of the family and I’ve been undermined completely here…Janelle and I have both seen so little value in the relationship that we have not made those steps to bring it back together.”

Kody Feels ” Betrayed” By Janelle For Choosing Christine Over Him

Sister Wives_ Will Janelle & Kody Brown Reconnect_ (He Has No Interest)

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Kody’s sense of betrayal isn’t just about Janelle’s behavior, as he’s also used the word to describe his relationship with Christine. Early on during Sister Wives season 18, Kody shared that he felt betrayed by Christine after she chose to leave him and move to Salt Lake City with their youngest daughter, Truely. Now, with Janelle fostering her relationship with Christine more than ever, Kody’s feelings have been hurt even more. Janelle, for her part, shared that she felt relieved after realizing she and Kody would likely separate. “I didn’t have to keep putting effort into this relationship anymore with Kody,” Janelle revealed.

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Kody’s relationship with Janelle, which spanned over 30 years, has been complicated. The couple has always had a sense of love and respect for one another that seemed to supersede any issues they were facing, but in recent years, Kody has felt a sense of disloyalty from Janelle. After Christine decided to leave Kody in 2021, he thought that Janelle was showing more support to Christine than he would’ve liked. Janelle and Christine’s relationship, highlighted in the most recent season of Sister Wives, is strong. Both women have shared that they want to continue supporting each other no matter what, especially as their lives change.

Kody’s relationship with Janelle was on the rocks for quite some time before they chose to end things altogether. While the former couple has been doing their best to remain civil, Janelle has chosen to be publicly loyal to Christine, appearing together in the press and supporting one another on social media. For Kody, this betrayal is likely enough to make him feel even more betrayed than he was prior. Though Sister Wives season 18 has been documenting the couple’s split, it’s possible that moving forward, they won’t have any relationship to document at all.

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