Sister Wives: Kody Brown Finally Accepts Monogamous! Won’t Get A New Wife?

Kody and Robyn Brown were earlier part of a plural family. But it was obvious to the Sister Wives fans that they only had eyes for each other. Because of this, his other spouses felt neglected and wanted out. The latest season captured exactly that, and at last, it was only the two of them who ended up being the only couple on the show.

Viewers had been wondering that Kody and Robyn would have struggles adjusting to the monogamous dynamics after many years’ worth of polygamy. Some also felt that they might bring in more wives. But that doesn’t seem to be quite likely. In fact, Kody made a lot of statements that made fans feel he was only interested in living with Robyn and no one else.

Sister Wives: Kody Wants Monogamy With Robyn & Nothing Else?

Like many other seasons, Kody and Robyn’s wrath was too apparent on Sister Wives. But unlike the rest of the times, Janelle, Meri, and Christine finally spoke up and left the family. They realized their worth and the amount of disrespect they had to go through by two of them and bid goodbye to the polygamist. It was an unfamiliar territory for Robyn and Kody, and they suffered a lot.

During his interview with Sukanya Krishnan for the Tell All, Kody made a shocking statement. He said he “knew better” now. So, if Robyn ever warms up to the idea of recruiting new wives, he would make them know that there is no one he would love more than her. This was enough for fans to assume that he was okay with the idea of monogamy, perhaps.

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Sister Wives

Kody is not the kind of person who is too open about taking accountability and admitting his mess-ups. Yet, he did say this time that he could have tried harder to save his failing marriages. On Sister Wives, fans got to see a whole new set of dynamics this year. It happened after the plural family fell apart. But it is clear that he is perhaps filled with too many regrets as of now to even think of starting afresh with new women.

Sister Wives: Robyn Upset About Being Monogamous With Kody! How Will Their Relationship Work?

As of recently, Kody Brown appears to have warmed up to the idea of Robyn being his sole partner. But things are different for the latter. In most of the Sister Wives episode, viewers only got to see her cry her heart out while saying how unfair things were. Without looking back and reflecting upon her faults, the fourth wife continued to blame others.

She said that the rest of the exes, i.e., Meri, Janelle, and Christine, were the ones “making decisions” for her as she had never “signed up for monogamy.” This obnoxious approach angered the fans even more. They knew how the star wasn’t really a breadwinner of the family and would rely on others to live a lavish and smooth life.

Sister Wives

It could be the reason why Robyn was so upset about the family falling apart. After all, she never really shared a good bond with either of the spouses. But now that we know Kody only wants Robyn, would she be able to accept her monogamous bond with him? Or will she manipulate him into getting new wives?

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