‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Clings To Youth With Plastic Surgery?

Sister Wives fans never saw Kody Brown go for any plastic surgery on the show. Of course, there were other people with problems, like Ysabel who had to have back surgery. However, they were not cosmetic procedures. Now, TLC fans think that probably, as he ages, the patriarch of the family clings to his youth by undergoing plastic surgery.

Sister Wives Kody Brown Changed Drastically Over The Years?

One major change that TLC fans noticed involved the TLC star’s eyes. Did you notice that the color changed? Observant viewers spotted that in early seasons, his eyes looked blue. However, as time went by, they looked brown. However, a theory arrived that he simply used contacts to change the color. Nonetheless, that’s not all that changed.

Kody Brown seemed to change in personality through the years. Additionally, he seemed to change from a really happy-go-lucky sort of person after they moved to Flagstaff. In fact, Meri mentioned that in the trailer for Season 18. Some TLC fans even go so far as to suggest that his terrible anger indicates he changed because of demon possession.  Kody did say in one couch interview “maybe I should be the devil I am”. However, others contend that he is simply blown away by his own ego.

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While the Sister Wives star claims that Christine ruined his family, a lot of people noticed that he started changing into a raged filled person after the birth of Ariella Mae. Actually, the old saying about watching out because the wind might change and leave you looking ugly, certainly seems to be true of Kody. But, did he get surgery to cling to the image that he had of himself as a younger man? Kody looks to have had an eyelift similar to the one Kenny Rogers had.

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Clinging To Youth?

While Kody Brown does seem to be clinging to his youth, he doesn’t act young. In fact, he’s a grandfather nowadays and acts like a grumpy old man. A Sister Wives viewer added to the comments that he possibly combined a number of things. They wrote, “I do know he’s had some work done on his face, but I really think the steroids added to it.”

Sister Wives Kody Brown Clings To Youth With Plastic Surgery TLC YouTube
Sister Wives Kody Brown Clings To Youth With Plastic Surgery TLC YouTube

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