Sister Wives: Kody Brown Changed His Rulebook For Robyn & Her Children

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is often accused of having favorites in his plural marriage. He has always prioritized his fourth wife, Robyn Brown, over the other wives. Previously, Christine had weighed on this statement by implying the polygamist is biased.

Also, she said that it was the biggest reason for her to leave her polygamous marriage. Later, Janelle and Meri expressed similar thoughts about their husband. However, Kody has been protecting Robyn and himself from all the hate and has continued to deny such claims.

Fans have been slamming the TLC celeb for being unfair with his other three wives. But the recent episode appeared to have confirmed the allegations against him. Did Kody make changes in his rulebook because of his fourth wife?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Modified A Major Rule Of The Brown Family For Robyn!

Kody Brown has had several arguments with his other wives, including Janelle, Christine, and Meri. However, fans never saw the Sister Wives star shouting and controlling his fourth wife. Now, it appears that he also made changes in his family rulebook for his beloved wife.

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As per Screenrant, the patriarch revealed that his religious scholars used to call piercing an act against god’s word in the latest Sister Wives episode. Also, Meri revealed that she had the same beliefs, and she never had her ears pierced. Further, Janelle and Christine removed their earring after their marriage.

Kody explained that it was a religious belief that none of his daughters and wives should have their ears pierced. However, Robyn told the cameras the reason she didn’t remove her earrings. She explained that she had a fond memory with her dad about getting her ears pierced.

Hence, the dad of eighteen, Kody, decided not to ask her to take them out because of her. So, he decided to modify the family rules after marrying Robyn Brown. The Sister Wives patriarch allowed his other wives to re-pierce their ears. Also, he permitted his daughters to get piercings only after they turned 18.

Not only that, Kody also made sure to make some memories with Robyn’s daughter, just like her father did. During the episode, he took his adopted daughter Aurora for her to get ear piercings. However, the patriarch was clueless about his other daughter when asked about his presence on their piercings.

Sister Wives: Viewers Caught Kody & Robyn With A Dog!

Kody Brown and Dogs can never be in the same place. Sister Wives fans might remember how much he hated dogs. Also, the patriarch and Robyn faced fans’ hate several times for kicking Janelle’s pets and treating them badly. Now, it appears that the dad-of-eighteen, Kody, has changed another mindset for his fourth wife.

Recently, a popular YouTuber named Backwoods Barbi uploaded a picture of the pair with a dog. In it, Kody and Robyn posed with Ariella and a dog. However, fans were shocked that the reality TV celeb allowed a dog near him.


Also, fans are confused about how happy Kody looked with the dog. Now, it appears that he modified another major thing from his rulebook for Robyn and her family.

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