Sister Wives: Kody & Aurora’s Cringy Behavior Creeps Fans Out! What Did They Do?

Kody and Robyn have two biological kids of their own. However, the Sister Wives patriarch adopted the latter’s three elder kids from her previous marriage. While fans often call the couple out for their negativity, they admire them for one thing. It’s that Kody has always treated his adopted kids like equals in the Brown family. Despite this, he is under fire once again for going for something really creepy with one of his daughters, Aurora. This won’t be the first time the father-daughter duo has made headlines. So, what was it that they did that made the fans uncomfortable?

Sister Wives: Kody Encourages Aurora For Ear Piercings! Fans Cringe

Sister Wives Season 18 is currently airing on TV. Apart from showcasing Kody’s failing marriage with Meri and Janelle, it had another shocking moment. Apparently, he assisted one of his eldest daughters, Aurora, to get her ears pierced. The star explained it was a big deal in the family. That’s because their church didn’t allow the women to have their ears pierced. Hence, Kody enforced this rule with Meri, Janelle, and Christine in his house. However, things changed when Robyn entered the family, and she had piercings.


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Sister Wives

That’s when Kody also allowed the other Sister Wives to wear earrings. However, he didn’t allow his kids to follow the same rules. But in the latest episode, he talked about changing his mind and taking his daughter Aurora to get her ears pierced. Well, fans didn’t react to this well. Someone pointed out that it was “cringe” to see a father get so excited to see his 20-something daughter get something that was so common. They couldn’t bear how Kody, Aurora and the family were treating it as something extraordinary.

Well, another Sister Wives fan pointed out that it must be Robyn and Kody’s elaborate attempt to prove to the fans that he is a “good father.” But fans remember the time he refused to accompany Christine’s daughter Ysabel for her scoliosis surgery in fear of getting COVID-19. So, many argued it was biased that he accompanied Aurora for such a minor thing while ignoring Ysabel for something so crucial.

Sister Wives: Gwen Spills The Tea About Kody Kissing His Daughter Aurora!

Apart from Kody and Aurora showcasing cringe in the latest episode, it had happened in the past, too. In Season 4 of Sister Wives, there was a moment where the head of the family kissed his daughter on the mouth! She must be around 9 or 10 years of age around that time. It was quite problematic for the fans to see such a thing as they pointed out she isn’t even his biological daughter. Well, Christine’s daughter took it upon herself to provide some explanation about this in her YouTube video. She revealed how, as kids, it was normal for them to give their father a little peck.

Sister Wives
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However, Kody was never the one who attempted to do so. At the same time, Gwendlyn apologized to the fanbase for getting the wrong idea. She clearly stated through the video that despite having a step son and two step daughters, his intentions have never been wrong, no matter how the show portrays him to be. So, fans finally took a sigh of relief after this major revelation by Gwen. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Sister Wives updates.

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