Sister Wives: Kody Admits He’s Thought About Leaving Robyn

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has always loved Robyn no matter what. She has been his all-time favorite, and the former’s three marriages were clearly affected because of the same. But it seems that even in this wholesome relationship, Kody has had second thoughts as well.

Recently, viewers were in shock when they saw Kody admitting to having thoughts of leaving Robyn as well! But how is it even possible? Is he fed up with his fourth wife as well?

Sister Wives: Why Was Kody Thinking About Leaving Robyn? Fed Up Now?

Kody Brown’s marriage was clearly affected because of his three consecutive divorces. He was frustrated, and his rage was evident. Even Robyn has admitted several times that it’s never a good idea to stay married to a person who is undergoing a divorce on Sister Wives.

As per Robyn, there have been times when Kody tried to sabotage their marriage just because of the ongoing dynamics. But she was the one who never allowed him to do so. Even after all this, viewers were in disbelief that Kody was having second thoughts when it came to his relationship with Robyn!

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During a recent preview, Kody made a strange confession about his current relationship with Robyn. He explained, “I thought of myself leaving Robyn and having another lover.” The celeb continued, “And looking at this lover and going, ‘I don’t love you.” Kody seemed to be really out of his mind when he stated, “I’m in love with another woman.”

As per Kody, “I’m in love with a woman that I left because was too much a piece of sh*t to manage the relationship.” Sister Wives and I were in shock and were trying to find context for his statements. But for now, it’s unclear what the celeb was talking about and what he was actually trying to explain.

Yet, Kody has admitted having some serious conflict in his mind when it came to Robyn. He has now accepted that he had thought of leaving Robyn at some point in his life.

Sister Wives: Robyn Is ‘Angry,’ She Wants To Have A Plural Marriage!

Ironically, Robyn Brown has always expressed her desire to be in a plural marriage. She was even featured hysterically crying because her dream of sitting on a porch with her Sister Wives was shattered. However, now the celeb clearly is in a monogamous marriage and has Kody all to herself, which is making her angry.

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During a recent episode, Robyn explained, “I love Kody, but I’ve never wanted to live monogamy.” She continued, “It feels like more and more, and that’s where it’s kind of headed, and I feel angry. I’m really angry.” The celeb stated how she has started to feel that she was perhaps tricked!

As per Robbyn, she now feels that someone else is making decisions about her life that she never chose. She admitted that the current dynamics have never been her choice, and she wasn’t the one to opt for it. Hence, the celeb tried to explain how pathetic her life had become, and she never wanted this kind of stuff in it at all.

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