Sister Wives: Kody Accuses One Of His Wives Of Treating Him Like A “Piece Of Meat”

Kody Brown has been documenting his polygamous marriage in the Sister Wives series for years. Fans witnessed his larger-than-average family of 18 kids and four wives on the TV screens. However, the family started breaking apart over the past few years.

Christine, Janelle, and Meri accused their husband of preferring Robyn Brown over them. Christine already called it quits with her polygamous partner in 2021. Now, Janelle is following in her footsteps after losing all the love and affection in him.

The two still have a great bond with each other. Janelle outgrew him after he failed to fulfill his responsibilities as a husband and father of her children. But Kody feels that one of his wives treated him like a piece of meat all these years. Why does he feel so?

Sister Wives: Kody Says His Wife Made Him Feel Like A Piece Of Meat!

Kody Brown had a different kind of relationship with all his wives. However, he never treated all of them equally. Janelle felt that her polygamous husband wanted to reconcile only because of his family and self-respect. But Kody has a different opinion about his second wife.

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Recently, E!News shared a sneak peek from the four-part Tell-All special. In the clip, Sister Wives star Kody confessed to the cameras that Janelle was never in love with him. Instead, she thought of him as “hot” because of his “nice pecks great six pack-abs.”

The patriarch felt that his second wife was interested in that only. Later, the host, Sukanya Krishnan, asked him if he felt like a “physical bot toy” during his marriage with Janelle. He claimed that he felt like “some pool boy” before adding,” I felt like a piece of meat.”

Sister Wives

He also felt that his second wife always used his physical specimen as a resource rather than diving deeper into his humanity and vulnerability. Janelle said that Kody was “way missing the boat” because she felt that there’s more to a marriage than physical attraction.

She added, “I feel like we’re in big danger here,” However, Janelle couldn’t control her laughter when Sukanya asked her about the dad-of-eighteen’s pecs. She said that she didn’t care about it because there’s way more than this to a healthy marriage. The mom of six went on to praise Kody for being in love with his pecs, but she feels it’s not what it’s about to her.

Sister Wives: Fans Mock Kody About His Obsession With His Pecks!

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is popular for being in love with himself. Fans are well aware of how much he is obsessed with himself. But they couldn’t hold their laughter at his recent claims about his looks.

One fan stated, “That old boy lives in a dream world. So in love with himself. Meanwhile, the others praised the way Janelle laughed at his claims. A different fan noted, “I have never seen Janelle laugh like that.”

However, the others felt sad for Kody’s children, who had to see their dad on the screen making these embarrassing comments

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