Sister Wives: Janelle’s Sons Call Robyn The ‘Villain’ Of The Family — Still, Hate Her!

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown decided to leave Kody after he ended up having issues with their kids. It was evident that her children were the final straw, after which she simply walked off. Apparently, the celeb has always been a neutral personality who stays away from all the chaos.

But Season 18 has been documenting Janelle lashing out at Kody, mostly because of her sons. Recently, viewers were in shock when they got to know that her sons still hate Robyn. Not only this, but they also called her out for being the biggest “villain” of the family. Are they still feuding?

Sister Wives: Janelle’s Sons Still Hate Robyn, Call Her The ‘Villian’ Of The Family

Sister Wives star Janelle had endless issues with Kody during the entire COVID-19 phase. The latter made some strict isolation rules and wanted everyone to follow them. However, Gabe and Garrison weren’t the ones who would simply abide by some mere rule book. They revolted against their father, which led to some massive fights and arguments.

They even blamed Kody for having “double standards,” which further became the cause of issues between the patriarch and Janelle. Apparently, Season 18 is also documenting some of this, which was shot way back. But it seems that the dynamics haven’t changed yet.

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Recently, Sister Wives viewers were in shock when TheSun revealed some surprising tea. It disclosed that Kody is still “very hurt” while he “stands by his beliefs.” On the other hand, Janelle’s boys are also not “stepping down either.” They have decided to let things be and are solely supporting their mother now.

Moreover, they “hate” Robyn and want her “out of their lives for good.” As per the source, Janelle’s boys simply have nothing to do with Kody’s only wife now, while they have already “painted” her as the “biggest villain.” It is evident that the star kids now have started to share an estranged relationship with their father!

Sister Wives: Kody Feels That His Sons ‘Owe’ Him A Big Apology

Sister Wives Season 18 has been documenting some of the most controversial yet major issues of the Brown family. During the premiere episode, Janelle and Christine sat with their kids to discuss the current dynamics and where they would be spending their holidays. The former was quick to claim that she wouldn’t even think of going to Kody’s place.

Janelle further explained that her estranged husband still feels that his boys need to come and have a “conversation” with him. Janelle also admitted that Kody believes that Gabe and Garrison owe him a “big apology” for all the “disrespect.”

Sister Wives

But it seems that Gabe and Garrison have had enough of Kody now. They are on their own and don’t even need the latter in their lives. During the episode, the latter was clear about what he wanted in his life. He stated, “You know what, Robyn? Have him.” He further added, “We’re all grown adults who don’t need a father figure anymore.”

On the other hand, Janelle also made it clear that she would always be choosing her kids over Kody. Hence, it is evident that there is a kind of deal lock when it comes to the star kids’ relationship with their father.

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