Sister Wives: Janelle Reveals Her Guilty Pleasure!

Janelle Brown has been living a life of independence and freedom since her split with Kody Brown. The Sister Wives star has been living her dream life and exploring new paths. She spends a lot of time with her children and often hangs out with friends.

The reality TV star has been adopting various ways to lead a healthy life. Janelle often interacts with her fans about her personal life. Previously, she shared a glimpse of her new home with the fans during Thanksgiving.

Nowadays, Janelle has been opening up about some lesser-known facts of her life. She also spilled about her secret guilty pleasure with her social media followers. What was she talking about?

Sister Wives: Janelle Opens Up About Her Guilty Pleasure With Fans!

Janelle is unapologetic about her past with the plural family. She walked out of her marriage with Kody Brown after spending decades with him. The Sister Wives celeb took the harsh step after finding no reason to stay with a man who didn’t value her and her children.

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Now, the reality TV celeb is in love with her new self since her split. She has been sharing numerous updates with the fans about the festive season. Recently, Janelle opened up about her guilty pleasure with them.

She uploaded a video on her Instagram to reveal her strange obsession. Janelle recorded herself and expressed her love for Hallmark Christmas movies. So, she proudly owned up to her secret guilty pleasure in front of the fans.

She went ahead to paint her observations from the traditional Christmas movies. Janelle talked about a story of a happy village where everyone celebrated the festival together. Despite the story taking a sad or dramatic twist before the climax, they still get a happy ending.

Further, Janelle admitted that such movies give her the serotonin she needs after a long day. She also expressed how her daughter, Savannah, laughs at her choice of movies during Christmas. But she was quite happy with what she liked. Janelle Wrote, “Hallmark Christmas movies. Yep. I’m comfortable owning that.” in the caption.

Sister Wives: Janelle Wishes Savannah On Her Birthday With A Sweet Post

Janelle Brown is a big cheerleader for her kids’ achievements. She often posts about the new success of her children. The mom of six also informs her fans about her kids’ new love life, professional achievements, and other whereabouts.

Recently, Janelle wished Savannah on her 19th birthday. The reality TV celeb uploaded a video of her teenage daughter after combining her happiest moments. She wrote, “19 already ! First semester of college is almost under your belt. So proud of you honey,” in the caption.

Janelle added some memorable moments from her daughter’s life, including her graduation ceremony. Fans were happy to see the young lady’s happy moment in the video. They showered her with a lot of wishes in the comment section.

Meanwhile, the others called her a mini version of Janelle Brown. They were also hoping for Savannah to turn into a strong, brave, and smart woman like her mom.

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