Sister Wives: Janelle Reacts To Dating Rumors

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is a wonderful woman who is gracefully dealing with her divorce these days. She has left her toxic marriage with Kody and never looked back. Amid all this, rumors regarding her return to the dating realm started to surface on the internet.

Viewers were eager to get a confirmation regarding the same from Janelle herself. Initially, she wasn’t at all reacting to these rumors. But recently, the celeb finally decided to respond to the ongoing speculations and made a shocking revelation. Is Janelle finally dating? What is she up to?

Sister Wives: Janelle Responds To Dating Rumors

Janelle and Christine have always walked the same path. When the latter found love and walked down the aisle with David, Sister Wives viewers wondered if the former would also consider doing something like that. Hence, some rumors stating that Janelle was back in the dating game became an eyebrow-raiser.

However, Janelle hasn’t responded to any of those until now. She finally talked about her current mindset and made it clear that she wasn’t back in the dating realm. The celeb sat with Christine during a recent interview and revealed how her focus is on different things right now.

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As per Janelle, her “children” really are her “thing,” and she is “wrapped up and focused on them.” She added, ” I’m trying now to bring some of the things I’ve always wanted to fruition.” The Sister Wives celeb explained in an exclusive chatty conversation with ET that her “passion and energy” are lying in her kids and some of the projects that she is trying to bring forward.

Janelle also explained how she felt about moving on with someone. As per her, if she is supposed to meet a person, the dynamics should be “super organic.” The celeb pointed out Christine and David’s relationship and admitted that their things have been really wonderful as they evolved naturally. Hence, she isn’t in a hurry right now.

Sister Wives: Janelle Offered Help To Christine

Sister Wives fans have always watched Christine having Janelle back. She has been there in the latter’s thick and thin while she is continuing to do so. Recently, Janelle revealed that her bestie offered her a helping hand in order to revive her love life.


Janelle explained that once Christine called her and asked if she was interested in using her “matchmaker.” However, she clearly denied it, while the latter revealed that she still had “three dates” left in her credit. Apparently, Christine didn’t use all her dates as she found David, so she wanted Janelle to utilize them and find someone amazing in her life.

Amid all this, Christine also couldn’t stop praising Janelle. She stated that the latter is a  “catch,” as she was a “bad a** independent” woman. The celeb revealed how her own children are impressed with how “strong” Janelle is. Hence, Christine admitted that, for now, she isn’t putting any kind of pressure on her bestie and is letting her achieve goals in her life

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