Sister Wives: Janelle Has Launched A Brand New Business

Life must go on! No one can take the place of Garrison in Sister Wives star Janelle Brown’s life. That wound can’t be healed, and the void he left can’t be filled. But the matriarch now needs to move on and bring the dynamics back on track. Hence, Janelle is trying her best to calm herself down and deal with the trauma.

She recently ended up launching a brand new business. Fans felt that she was perhaps trying to divert her mind just to cope up with Garrison’s untimely demise. What is her venture all about? What is Janelle up to now?

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Deals With Garrison’s Death By Launching A Business

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is perhaps trying to heal from Garrison’s demise by engrossing herself in work. She recently talked about how hard it was to bring her mind back and make it work properly. Hence, it appears that the matriarch has found a new way to keep herself distracted as she has recently launched a new business.

A Reddit thread recently started with a screenshot that had details about Janelle’s new venture. It revealed that the celeb has launched a brand new business under the name “Taeda Farms.” Apparently, it would deal with farming services related to flowers. Hence, it appears that Janelle is planning to grow and sell flowers in the market.

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The OP revealed that Taeda Farms was based in Flagstaff, and Janelle was listed as the “individual” owner of the venture. The status appeared to be “live,” and it seemed that something big was coming. Viewers couldn’t be happier for the celeb as they felt that this would bring her peace. A fan even explained how getting your hands in the dirt and having contact with the Earth can bring solace to the ones who are grieving. Hence, they hoped that Janelle would find her peace with this new venture.

Sister Wives: Everything About Janelle And Her Business Empire

Sister Wives star Janelle is someone who knows how to keep her work and personal life on different paths. She had a lot going on in her life, but she never let it affect her career. The celeb ended her marriage after decades of togetherness with Kody, and now she has lost Garrison. Yet Janelle’s business never went down, and she has always kept the bar high despite everything.

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Janelle initially started her own “retail trade”  business, NTYK, LLC, in September 2021 amid her divorce from Kody. She then shocked her viewers by launching “Janelle Brown Production.” She filed this LLC on December 29, 2022. But that’s not all. The celeb also has a venture that deals with online health coaching as she is a certified ‘Institute for Integrative Nutrition,’ IIN.

This came after Janelle already had “Janelle Brown Plexus” under her name. Apparently, she is the sole owner of all of these businesses, which makes it clear that this empire belongs to her. Fans are happy to know that every day in every way, Janelle is getting better and her graph is going high no matter what!

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