Sister Wives: Janelle Finally Bids Goodbye To Coyote Pass!

Janelle Brown has shown tremendous growth in the last few seasons of Sister Wives. While fans already loved her, she came off as very sure of herself and outspoken in the new episodes. Viewers had a blast seeing the star this way on their screen. Janelle has been enjoying her freedom a lot and often shares all the new things she has been up to on social media.

She recently made yet another major announcement related to Coyote Pass. She expressed how the star was ready to move away from the property. Fans are genuinely confused as she was quite passionate about building there! So, does Janelle not want to do this anymore?

Sister Wives: Time To Wrap Up! Janelle Ready To Move Away From Coyote Pass

Janelle Brown had been the most hardworking cast member of Sister Wives. She would contribute a lot to the combined family fund. Most of it was going towards her dream of starting to build on Coyote Pass as soon as possible. She was so passionate about the same that she even bought an RV to live there. But that isn’t the case anymore.

Recently, Janelle revealed her plans to move out of the Coyote Pass property. She took it upon herself to get rid of a lot of items, like the water tanks, on her own! She was grateful for her will to work out and reflected on how it gave her the strength to do such things. Fans were skeptical if it meant Janelle would be selling her property.

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However, there have previously been instances where Janelle has moved out of her RV during winter as living conditions get unfavorable in the harsh weather. Chances are the Sister Wives star will move back into her van during the summers. She has not yet provided a major update about the same.

But it is most likely that Janelle won’t be selling her land. After all, she has spent a lot of time and energy saving up for the same. In any case, fans are looking forward to hearing from Janelle regarding her future plans when it comes to the family property.

Sister Wives: Janelle Admits Her RV Plan Failed!

At first, Sister Wives fans were worried Janelle had given up on Coyote Pass. But later, the news about her clearing off her dues with Kody came into the limelight. So, they knew her dream of building on the property was very much in the picture. But what Janelle seemed to have given up is probably her plan of consistently living in her RV.

Sister Wives

A few months ago, Janelle made an elaborate post about giving up on her plan of living in an RV and admitting it was a failure. But the star still remained in good spirits as she reflected upon all the new things she learned along with the experience. Moreover, Janelle also gave a tour of her new humble aboard in the series.

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