Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Shares Exciting Life Update About Son Logan! What Is He Up To?

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown never fails to keep her viewers updated regarding her kid’s life. After parting ways with Kody, her main focus has been her children. Hence, the celeb spends most of the time being around her kids and grandkids.

Recently, Janelle took to her social media and gave a major update about her son Logan’s whereabouts, who usually prefers to live a low-key life. Fans were really glad to know about the star kid’s exciting and happening life. What did Janelle reveal? How is Logan these days?

Sister Wives: Janelle Gives A Major Life Update Of Logan And Michelle

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown loves being around her kids. Hence, there have been several instances when she posts updates regarding them while she spends quality time with them. Recently, the celeb took to Instagram and revealed that she had a lot of fun with her son, Logan, and daughter-in-law, Michelle Petty.

Janelle posted a carousel of pictures in which she posed with her couple and grinned at the camera. In the snaps, Michelle stood close to her mother-in-law, and their growing bond was evident. The star wrote a lengthy caption and revealed that she had a “wonderful night.”

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She added that she was at the first Fork Cancer fundraiser, where Michelle took part. Hence, Janelle made it clear that she wouldn’t have missed it for anything in the world. She further praised the event, “Fun company, great food and drinks, and the perfect Vegas location.”

However, she revealed that her younger son Hunter couldn’t make it “due to a work conflict.” But it was evident that his girlfriend surely did, as she was spotted standing close to Janelle in one of the pictures.

Sister Wives fans were happy to know that Logan and Michelle were having an exciting life despite their bare minimum social media presence. Moreover, Janelle also seemed to be well-bonded with the couple as she promised her daughter-in-law to attend the event annually.

Sister Wives: What Is Logan Brown Up To These Days? Is He Working?

Sister Wives star Logan Brown decided to get away from the limelight way back. He opted to focus on his life and studies. The celeb got his Bachelor of Science (BS) and Kinesiology and Exercise Science Bachelor from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas in 2017.

After that, Logan decided to go for his master’s. As per his LinkedIn profile, he got his master’s degree from UNLV Lee Business School logo in Business School Master of Business Administration. Amid all this, Janelle’s son also became an “Emergency Medical Technician” and got certified by the College of Southern Nevada.

Sister Wives

After completing his education, Logan has worked as an executive director, business analyst, and business coordinator as well. Currently, he is working as a manager of corporate development at StartUp Vegas. He joined his new job in June 2023 and has been sticking to it since then.

As per several reports, the average salary this position offers is $101,100. Hence, it is clear that Logan is doing great in his life and is processing day by day.

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