‘Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Reveals SHOCKING Amount Of Clout Robyn Has

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown got real about how much clout Robyn Brown had when she joined Kody Brown’s family. In fact, the polygamist seemed to throw polygamy out of the window and bent over backward for the newcomer. For example, only her opinion mattered when it came to celebrating Easter.

Sister Wives Janelle Brown & Christine Spent Easter Together

Season 18 revealed that Christine went all out for Easter. Her kids joined up with Garrison and others and enjoyed a nice meal and an egg hunt. Did you know that they historically didn’t celebrate the holiday? In fact, Meri claimed that her family never made much about it. So for her, it was just another Sunday. At least, until Robyn arrived.



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It didn’t take an Easter holiday for Sister Wives fans to agree that Kody gave Robyn a lot of clout. However, it did bring an opportunity for Janelle brown to reflect on the favoritism. She and her family love spending time with Christine Brown. In fact, Christine told her new husband, David Woolley that where she goes, her friend Janelle goes. So, they got together for Easter in Season 18 and enjoyed a good time.

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Knows Kody Favored Robyn

After the new wife arrived, Janelle, Christine, and Meri Brown were swept aside to accommodate Robyn. Previously, the wives discussed how they accepted that a newcomer would change the dynamic. However, Kody only had eyes and ears for his new wife after her arrival. Notably, that gave her a lot of clout. For example, she wanted Easter, so Easter happened. Until then, they never celebrated the religious holiday.


Janelle Brown said in her confessional that Robyn didn’t like that the family didn’t “celebrate Easter.” So, Robyn was like “I’ll just go to my mom’s house and celebrate.” Naturally, “Kody didn’t; want her to leave.” So, suddenly everyone was celebrating the holiday. Everything got tossed out the window, and the other wives had to “compromise.” Therefore, they started a sort of “hybrid Passover” thing to accommodate the new wife.

Sister Wives Fans Note The Clout

On Reddit, TLC fans discussed how Janelle Brown and the others never really counted once Robyn arrived. The original Sister Wives family always came second to Robyn’s needs. One person commented, “Kody sounds like he was completely whipped by Robyn.” 

Another commenter wrote, “A lot changed with Robin (sic), she also got Kody to get over his hate of earrings because she refused to take hers out. She also forced him to be less of a grump for Christmas. She also got him to forget about his other wives and children.”

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