Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Reveals She Has Big Dating Plans

Janelle Brown has been riding through a bumpy road in Sister Wives season 18. She has faced it all, from growling arguments with her estranged husband, Kody, to celebrating Christmas away from him. She has all the love and support of her kids but lacks the attention of a partner.

The mom of six was recently seen talking to Christine about her stand on her relationship with Kody. Janelle even opened up about future relationships in a clip from the upcoming episode. Tune in to know more!

Sister Wives: Janelle Opens Up About Her Relationship Status & Plans!

The current airing season of Sister Wives, for the most part, features an unrestrained period for the Brown family. Most members, especially Janelle, have been riding through a rough patch. A sneak peek at the upcoming episode by ET featured a revelation.

In it, Janelle talked about her stand on calling it quits besides opening up about her dating plans. She highlighted the complexities of her relationship with Kody. She emphasized being in a weird place where she didn’t want him back, and there was no ‘legal mechanism’ that pointed to their divorce.

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Talking about her take on dating, Janelle expressed being uninterested until God throws the right guy in her path. She continued that she is not interested in dating until God points at someone with ‘big arrows.’ This means that she is still interested in dating someone if things align. The video included another clip wherein Christine met Janelle for lunch.


During this meeting, Janelle said, “It’s a new chapter for me.” When Christine asked about how she felt, her best friend quickly responded, feeling optimistic. She continued sharing that her summer looked more exciting than the previous one. Christine then recalled how she left last summer.

Christine also reflected on the numerous challenges they faced together. She then assured Janelle they would continue raising their kids together as Sister Wives even after her separation.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Says Her Reunion With Kody Is ‘Unrealistic’

In a sneak peek at the upcoming episode, Christine asks Janelle if she has separated from Kody. To this, the latter responded with a “Yeah. Oh, for sure.” But Christine was not convinced. As she doubted her former Sister Wives’ ability to move on completely. She then asked if Janelle would consider remarrying him if he changed.

Janelle soon responded with a ‘yes,’ followed by mentioning that she believed that assuming that Kody would change is unrealistic. Christine then stated that Kody has changed a lot, as he used to be more courageous. Janelle even called this change in his personality “so strange.” Both the Sister Wives discussed the changes in Kody during the confessionals.

Sister Wives

Janelle said that he used to be “dynamic and bold.” While Christine shared that people always wanted to be around him. That’s because he always believed in having a good time without letting others control him. Janelle then added that he is like an advocate of patriarchy, for he wants a dependent wife.

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