‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Gets Honest About Meri & Robyn

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown opened up about her status with her sister wives in the latest episode of Season 18. However, things are different behind the cameras due to how the show is delayed. Due to this, many are curious about where she currently stands with Meri and Robyn. It’s no secret that the 54-year-old has been going strong with Christine. Additionally, she remains in touch with Kody today, despite their split. Keep reading to see what Janelle’s relationship is like with them today.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Opens Up About Her Relationship With The Wives In Latest Episode

During her interview in the latest episode, Janelle shared her relationship with the wives. According to the Sister Wives star, she and Robyn were really good team players, and they connected well for the sake of the family. But they weren’t as great when it came to friend level. She also added that their 10-year age gap also plays a significant role in their awkwardness with each other. “We just didn’t even like the same things,” she added.

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After that, Janelle opened up about her former first wife, Meri. She said that they’ve always had personality differences, and she doesn’t really feel the need to see her out. Furthermore, she mentioned still having a family with Christine despite the fallout of the Brown family. She also added that they still see each other and nothing has changed between them.

Janelle’s Status With Meri & Robyn Today

Janelle remains discreet about her status with Meri and Robyn behind the cameras. But it seems things haven’t changed, and they’re still estranged from each other. The Sister Wives star spends most of her time with her kids as well as with Christine. She even attended her former sister wife’s wedding with David Woolley on October 7.

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Christine Brown even took to social media recently to share a sweet photo with her husband and Janelle, whom she still calls her sister wife. “Not as in we were living polygamy again, but she’s my Sisterwife, always. Of course, they get along great. Vacationing with all of us is awesome,” she said.

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The latest episode of Season 18 also featured Kody opening up about wanting to reconcile with Janelle. According to the patriarch, he had asked his ex-wife multiple times why they couldn’t get back together. However, the mother of six told him she was not interested in being involved with Robyn and Meri anymore.

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