Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Flaunts Her Toned Physique While Performing A New Fitness Regime!

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown has been all smiles and adventure ever since she moved out of her troubled marriage with Kody Brown. She has time and again shown that she has been enjoying her non-polygamous and independent life.

The Sister Wives star is also prioritizing her health and fitness besides focusing on her personal well-being. Janelle recently took to her social media to show off her trimmed physique in a new workout clip. Tune in to know more!

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Focuses On Her Well-Being

Janelle Brown has been embracing her singlehood by focusing attention on her health, career, and children. She emphasizes her well-being by not just eating clean but indulging in a frequent workout regime. The Sister Wives star recently took to her Instagram to share a reel featuring her performing hardcore workout.

Brown looked strong and healthy as she stretched her torso while doing Pilates. In the video shared on Tuesday, Janelle kneeled on the machine while pulling herself to the left and performing an oblique exercise. The star rocked her grey t-shirt paired with black tights as she stretched herself to the left.

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The Sister Wives celeb, Janelle, stayed focused on her workout as the song Get It Girl by Saweetie was in the clip. Janelle even added a challenge followed by a message for her fans in the caption of this upload. She kicked off by claiming “EXERCISE IS FOR ?? EVERY ?? BODY.”

She shared a challenge wherein she suggested her followers indulge in some sort of workout. Then, she asked them if they could recall everyone performing their respective activities. It is likely that they would not remember it all.

The mom of six from Sister Wives thus advised her followers to focus on themselves as everyone else is also indulged in their activities, and they do not pay attention to others. Janelle then concluded by saying, “Strong body = showing up with strength in every other part of your life.”

This upload amassed over 60K likes and several hundreds of comments, wherein Sister Wives fans praised her for her progress and focused on what actually matters.

Sister Wives: Janelle Has Been Embracing Her Singlehood!

In the current airing of Sister Wives Season 18 Janelle shared her desire to remain separated from Kody. Well, continues to stick to her desire even in real life, as she seems to be enjoying her life post-polygamy. The TLC star shared a post on Monday that showcased her happiness without Kody.

In the post, Janelle shared a picture of her son, Robert, who helped her move her RV off the Coyote Pass and into the winter storage for her. She admired his amazing trailer skills in the caption of this upload. However, she still needs assistance with various activities, but she is certainly not seeking help from her former husband.

The reality TV celeb is now embracing her singlehood and living life on her terms. What do you think of her well-being journey? Will you also follow Janelle’s advice and start your fitness journey without being bothered by others?

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