Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Finally REUNITES All Her Kids Amid Family Feud With Kody!

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is a person who has always supported her kids. She has been there for them in their thick and thin. It was evident that the celeb’s issues with Kody also arose just because of her children.

However, after she parted ways with the latter, she has been spending time with them and has been trying her best to bring them together. But now it seems that Janelle’s hard work is finally paying off as she was finally able to reunite all her children amid a family feud with Kody!

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Finally Brings All Her Six Kids In A Single Frame!

Sister Wives stars Janelle and Kody share six children together. Most of them have started to share an estranged relationship with the latter as they are growing up. Hence, it is evident that their mother is the one to whom they go for refuge.

Lately, there have been several instances when Janelle tried her best to bring all her kids together but couldn’t. Yet she became successful as all her children finally came into a single frame during Christine and David Woolley’s wedding!

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Recently, Janelle took to Instagram and posted a wholesome clip with all her six kids and their significant partners. She captioned it, “Finally got a picture with my babies.” The celeb further added that she was a “Happy mama.”

The snap had Madison along with Caleb and their kids, Logan with Michelle, Garrison, and Hunter accompanied by Audrey, Savannah, and Gabriel Brown. They all stood close to Janelle and grinned at the camera.

Sister Wives were quick to note that Kody was evidently missing in the picture. Yet everyone seemed to be really happy. Several users praised Janelle for doing a “great job” and keeping her kids together even after her divorce. Usually, children are the ones who suffer the most during their parents’ split. But Janelle made sure that she kept them united!

Sister Wives: Janelle’s Kids Don’t Need Kody In Their Lives Anymore?

Sister Wives star Kody has now started to share an estranged relationship with most of his adult kids. He doesn’t have a great bond with Gabe and Garrison, which began to deteriorate during the COVID Phase. The star kids made it clear that they wouldn’t be following Kody’s unrealistic rules.

However, Janelle’s boys aren’t stepping down, while the latter is still “hurt” because of the dynamics. Amid all this, Kody decided to attend Savannah’s graduation ceremony and posed with his daughter as well.

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Recently, several reports even claimed that Hunter was hanging out with Kody. A picture of his car, parked outside the latter’s house, surfaced on the internet. Hence, it seems that the patrairch’s relationship is only sour with Gabe and Garrison.

Apparently, the latter has made it clear that Robyn can have Kody to herself now, as they don’t even need a father figure in their lives. So, for now, it seems that Janelle’s kids are close to her only.

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