Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Doesn’t Need Man After Kody Split (She’s Too Independent)

After calling it quits with Kody Brown, Janelle Brown isn’t looking to settle down with a new man. The Sister Wives star loves her new single life.

  • Janelle Brown won’t be getting into another relationship for now due to her history with Kody and her desire to be independent and enjoy her single life in peace.
  •  Janelle is already surrounded by supportive friends and family who love her, so she doesn’t feel the need for another man to provide her with love.
  •  If Janelle does decide to start dating again, she has high standards and won’t settle for anything less than a partner who shares her vision for the future and supports her goals.

Kody and his three wives had a stable relationship for nearly two decades. However, things changed when Kody added a fourth wife, Robyn Brown, into the mix. Robyn’s arrival amplified the jealousy between Meri, Christine, and Janelle, which eventually exploded during the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021, Christine ended her relationship with Kody because she didn’t feel happy in her marriage. Two years later, Janelle and Meri did the same. Recently, Christine married David Woolley, which sparked the conversation about whether Janelle will stay single as well.

Janelle Won’t Be Over Kody For A While

Janelle Brown From Sister Wives

The primary reason Janelle will stay single is her history with Kody. Janelle was the only woman who had a decent marriage with the Brown family patriarch besides Robyn. In comparison, the other two wives weren’t as involved due to their respective issues. Meri’s infamous catfish scandal in the early 2010s permanently fractured her relationship with Kody. Likewise, Christine’s changed mindset eventually led her to lose hope in polygamy. As for Janelle, she still had a decent relationship with Kody.

In the last few months, Janelle and Kody have showcased their split on Sister Wives season 18. However, they have also shown mutual love for each other and a desire to make things work. Kody has previously felt that he could still win Janelle back, while Janelle has missed Kody as well. It doesn’t seem like it will be easy for the two to move on. Kody gave up on Meri years before their marriage ended and cut ties with Christine for her behavior. However, he didn’t hate Janelle, and the same was true the other way around.

Janelle Would Want To Enjoy Her New Single Life In Peace

Kody’s various splits in the past few years occurred for different reasons. Christine left him because she didn’t feel the passion and love in their relationship. She wanted to feel happy and decided to find another man who could meet her needs. Similarly, Meri parted ways after Kody rejected her time and time again. She moved on to discover other joys in life. As for Janelle, she ended her relationship with Kody to be more independent. The now single mom didn’t crave another man or monogamy. Instead, she merely wanted to live her life in peace.

Janelle is now busy enjoying her single life, and there seems to be no place for another man. She’s too occupied with her adventures to share them with another partner. Janelle is focusing on herself, her business, and her health. She is thriving as an Instagram influencer with over a million followers and living her new life with pride. The Utah native has traveled a lot in the last few months. She has been to Kanab, Moab, and various other nearby destinations. Earlier this year, she traveled to Hawaii and had the best time with her friends.

Janelle Is Already Surrounded By Supportive Friends & Family

Christine tied the knot again because she felt incomplete and desired to be with her soulmate. However, Janelle is already happy and content with herself. Janelle has too many family members who love her and care for her. She’s delighted to be surrounded by people who support her and enjoy spending time with her. Unlike Christine, who was visibly distraught by Kody’s lack of love, Janelle was more irritated by his behavior. It doesn’t seem like she needs another man to provide her with love yet.

Janelle has been posting a lot on social media about her family and friends. She looks the happiest around her relatives and often shares her true feelings with the fans. In October, the Sister Wives star posted a selfie with her close ones, showing her excitement. She wrote, “enjoying just hanging out at this house on the beach.” Janelle has been more concerned with relishing good food, company, and nature; rather, she wants to spend her time and invest her emotions in those who love her.

Janelle Is “Empowered” & Must’ve Really High Standards

Meri, Christine and Janelle Brown from Sister Wives

Janelle has also changed a lot about herself and opted for a significantly more youthful lifestyle. She is all about health, fitness, and being a hustler and has been working hard to get into the best shape of her adult life. Janelle has dropped a significant amount of weight and isn’t looking to retire. Her ideal partner must have the same approach toward life as well. He must not only support her but give her a reason to be in a relationship again. For now, the Sister Wives cast member is simply content with how her life is moving forward.

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