Sister Wives: Janelle Blames Kody For Ruining Her Sons’ Mental Health!

Kody Brown has become quite popular in the world of polygamy ever since his debut in Sister Wives. He was a husband of four wives with 18 children. Slowly, his dream of building a polygamous family shattered after Christine’s exit. Later, Janelle opened up about her true feelings and demanded a separation.

The pair had a blowout fight where they vented all their anger on each other. Janelle fought with her husband over the way he treated her and her kids. She slammed him for giving her the choice to choose between him and her kids. Now, it appears that the TLC star is accusing her husband of ruining her sons’ mental health. 

Sister Wives: Janelle Is Concerned About The Effects On Her Kids After Rift With Kody!

Janelle Brown always stood strong behind her sons Gabe and Garrison in all situations. Fans of the Sister Wives show might remember how Janelle chose her kids when Kody wanted her to choose between her husband and the sons. The patriarch was furious with her sons for the way they broke the family’s isolation rules in Covid.

He also treated them like “untouchables” because they went out and met their friends. In the recent episode, Gabe shed light on the way he and Garrison felt during COVID-19. He expressed they were at odds with the patriarch “because when we expressed our discontent at how things were going with COVID-19″.

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However, Gabe was disappointed to reveal that he only met with a wall as he tried communicating with his father. The young Sister Wives star went on to claim, “I think that that is what really drove the wedge between us.”

Later, Janelle came up with her worries about her son’s mental health. She said that his son Gabriel feels everything very, very deeply. She feels that her son doesn’t say anything to anyone. Meanwhile, the mom-of-six showed her concerns about Garrison because he was looking sadder and angry all the time. Further, the reality TV star explained that her son wasn’t as happy-go-lucky as he used to be.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Feels Like A “Powerless” Father In The Polygamous Family!

Kody Brown loves keeping everything in his control within the family. He doesn’t like anyone to disrespect him or ignore his wishes. As per People, Kody admitted that he felt “powerless” when it came to seeing eye-to-eye with his children.

The Sister Wives celeb admitted that his relationship with his kids has become strained. Kody went on to reveal that the family has been unable to negotiate through their differences. Also, he believes that people end up getting offended when everyone has their own perspectives.

Moreover, Kody added, “There were a lot of things … very difficult issues that we had to deal with.” Kody went ahead to explain that he didn’t have any answers at that time. But now he feels that everything has been a blur.

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