Sister Wives’ Janelle Attempts To Erase Complicated Family History With Meri But Fans Know The Truth

Viewers don’t appreciate Janelle Brown dismissing her real connection with Meri Brown and her family in the latest episode of Sister Wives.

  •  Many Sister Wives fans are upset with Janelle for not revealing her previous marriage to Meri’s late brother, accusing her of rewriting history.
  •  Redditors believe that Janelle’s omission of her past relationship with Meri’s family is the reason for Meri’s dislike towards her.
  •  Janelle’s decision to not mention her previous marriage could be seen as deliberate or simply a result of her focusing on her initial meeting with Kody.

As shown in a Reddit thread by AnotherHopeless, many Sister Wives fans think Janelle was wrong to omit the part that she was previously married to Meri’s late brother. They accused her of rewriting history and wrote, “are they trying to erase the idea she was married to her brother first?”

Many Redditors felt offended that Janelle tried to make it seem like she was only a family friend instead of Meri’s former sister-in-law. A Reddit user commented, “that is the real reason why Meri does not like her.” Another commented, “she knows how awful it looks that she fell for a married man while she was married.”

Janelle, Meri & Christine from Sister Wives standing in front of purple sparkly background

Meri and Janelle’s relationship with Kody drastically changed over the years. In Janelle’s case, she became more aware of Kody’s bad attitude and started reevaluating her marriage. Former sister-wife Christine Brown also encouraged Janelle to leave her husband, as there was nothing redeemable between them. In comparison, Meri entered a state of complete denial. She overlooked the red flags and Kody’s lack of desire to fix the relationship just to continue the marriage. As for Kody, he’s seemingly done with both of his wives and appears open to living a monogamous life with Robyn Brown.

Fans are certainly right to question Janelle’s intentions. Over the years, they’ve seen the Utah native expand her family with Kody and reveal her many secrets. She had previously talked about being married to Meri’s brother, so it makes no sense for her to avoid the truth in the confessional. Many viewers know the truth about the Brown family and Kody’s marriages. They knew Janelle had a husband before, just like Robyn had been married. There’s absolutely no point in Janelle hiding something well-known and very prevalent.

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