Sister Wives: Is Meri Brown To Be Blamed For Her Failed Relationships & Unhappiness? (Why She Still Gets Sympathy)

Sister Wives’ Meri Brown doesn’t share a great relationship with Janelle Brown. The Brown family kids have called her out for being a bad mom.

  • Meri’s split from Kody in Sister Wives is partially due to her own actions, including falling for a catfish and breaking vows.
  •  Kody’s behavior, including insulting and shunning Meri, made the relationship difficult for her, along with other splits and a lack of romance.
  •  Meri’s controlling and bullying behavior towards Janelle and other family members, along with her alleged mistreatment of the Brown children, has left her without much support during her divorce.

Meri Brown from Sister Wives deserves part of the blame for her split from Kody Brown. The 52-year-old reality star was the Brown family’s first matriarch. She married Kody in the early 90s and remained with him for over 30 years. Meri and her polygamous husband had one child together. They had a tumultuous relationship but stayed with each other because of their religious beliefs and respect for plural marriage. In the mid-2010s, Meri broke one of the vows when she fell for a catfish. This scandal soured Kody’s feelings for her.

Meri Is Controlling & Had Bullied Janelle

Meri seems to have the least support amid her split from Kody. While she has a decent personality, her controlling behavior over the years is why she doesn’t have too many confidants. Unlike Christine, who has Janelle by her side, Meri doesn’t have the support of either of the Sister Wives. Robyn Brown is busy enjoying her monogamy with Kody, and the other two Sister Wives couldn’t care less about Meri. Ideally, Janelle was the only family member who could’ve lent her support, but Meri’s hatred for her burnt that bridge long ago.

Meri Was Mean To Brown Children

Meri doesn’t have the best reputation among the Brown family younglings. Unlike other Sister Wives, the Californian woman only shares one child with Kody. Therefore, she doesn’t have many supporters around her amid her divorce. Meri hasn’t been the nicest matriarch to other kids in the family, even though she supported her only transgender child, Leon. A few months ago, Christine’s son, Paedon Brown, revealed how Meri wasn’t nice to him and others. As per John Yates’ YouTube channel, Paedon said Kody’s first wife was more than abrasive “to a few of us children specifically.”

Meri Cheated On Kody

Sister Wives' Meri Brown looking off screen and Kody Brown looking straight ahead

Meri also deserves part of the blame for further ruining her marriage with Kody. While the pair’s relationship never sailed smoothly, it got much worse when Meri crossed the line and fell for another person online. According to Mykelti, Meri had “intimate conversations over the phone,” with the man. She even claimed that the Brown family matriarch was probably “sexting or verbal sexting.” Eventually, Meri learned that the man she met online was a catfish account by another woman. The whole scandal put a lot of strain on her deteriorating bond with Kody.

The cheating scandal is a bit of a mixed situation. Meri is guilty from a marital perspective, while Kody deserves the blame from a relationship standpoint. The Brown family matriarch had full control over her actions. She was in her late 40s and was mature enough to know what she did was wrong. She purposely sparked the online romance and continued to mess around behind Kody’s back. Meri betrayed her husband by not discussing her feelings with him. She could’ve maintained a respectful image if she had been more honest.

Similarly, Kody was at fault for denying Meri the love she deserved. He was in a relationship with her the longest but still preferred other Sister Wives over her. Kody wasn’t romantic with her, which led her to feel ignored and alone. Meri only craved love when she fell for the catfish. If Kody had given her his time and remained romantic with her, she wouldn’t have pursued another relationship. The whole scandal could’ve been avoided if the Brown family patriarch had played his part as a functional husband to Meri.

Meri isn’t to blame for all the issues with Sister Wives. Her misbehavior toward Janelle is somewhat understandable, considering their past grudges. Janelle did the unthinkable when she moved on from Meri’s brother and lapped onto Meri’s husband, Kody. To make matters worse, she wasn’t upfront with Meri from the start. According to @Stargirl4500′s Reddit thread, many fans think Kody and Janelle went behind Meri’s back by “starting their courtship.” Others feel the former pair didn’t care about Meri’s feelings. Meri celebrates her birthday on January 16, and Janelle married Kody on January 17, 1993. It’s either a strange coincidence or a well-thought-out plan by the former Sister Wives couple.

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