Sister Wives- Is Christine Secretly Married? (She’s Never Been Happier) – SPOILERS

Sister Wives' Christine Brown's changed everything, taking a brave leap into single life. She was down in the dirt with Kody. Now, she's soaring.

  •  Christine Brown’s rising above the negativity and hurt feelings that are so prevalent in Sister Wives season 18, and she’s building a perfect life for herself.
  •  She had the courage to leave her unhappy yet familiar spiritual union with Kody, even though she didn’t know what single life would be like.
  •  Christine faced her fears, met with a matchmaker, and may now be secretly married to David Woolley. Since Kody mistreated her, she keenly appreciates the love in her life.

Sister Wives season 18’s been filled with negativity, but Christine Brown’s rising above it all and building the perfect life. While she still gets angry at Kody Brown sometimes, she’s changing, and leaving years of issues and hurt feelings behind. Now, it’s Christine’s time to shine. As she pursues happiness and embraces single life, she’s the brightest light in some very dark episodes. Christine gets stronger every day, and she’s almost always smiling. Plural marriage wasn’t working for her, and she was brave enough to jump into the unknown. Her courage is inspiring, and it’s really paying off.

It must have been scary to take that leap of faith. She had no way of knowing what would happen. Her spiritual union with Kody wasn’t happy, but it was familiar. She tried for years, until she realized that she couldn’t stay married to Kody – nothing would ever change, and she’d never be at peace. So, she left. In Sister Wives season 18, she’s blooming.

Christine’s Life Is Peaches & Cream

In the 1957 Ingmar Bergman film, Wild Strawberries, the secret of life was, “strawberries and cream.” For Christine, maybe it’s peaches and cream. In the photo above, where Christine’s, “canning a few jars of peaches,” the light’s back in her eyes. Onscreen in season 18, Christine’s even trying to get along with Kody. He doesn’t trust her, but he should. She’s in such a detached state – Christine’s able to see Kody as a co-parent and nothing else. It took her a long time to get where she is now, and Christine has her whole life ahead of her.

Christine Brown from Sister Wives with wedding bands in the background

Your skin, oh yeah, your skin and bones/

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Turn into something beautiful

– Yellow, Coldplay

Christine talked about meeting a matchmaker during the season 18 episode, “The Understatement Of The Year.” Since life with Kody was inevitably grueling, she had to dig deep before deciding to move on. Kody left her with so many insecurities that she had to overcome. He made her feel ugly, but she’s a wonderful woman. While discussing the matchmaker, she opened up about the emotional damage. Since Kody’s been so negative, she didn’t know if she could handle the dating scene. However, with her usual bravery, she made herself try.

Watching Christine face her fears was incredible. She could have let Kody’s low opinion of her dictate who she was. Instead, Christine rewrote the script, giving herself a starring role.

Christine’s rom-com fantasy unfolded like a dream, as she ended up meeting David Woolley, who later proposed. While all of this hasn’t been revealed onscreen yet, most fans know that she’s engaged. She may even be married.

Is Christine Brown Secretly Married?

Christine may be a married woman. Above, she’s sharing a fun moment with her partner, David. She’s glowing while going “full couple” with matching football jerseys. Even the simple things, like watching the game with her man, seem to fill her with elation. Because she didn’t have love in her life for so long, she really appreciates what she has. She has a keener sense of how special it is, and how those little moments really mean everything. They’re the most luminous threads in the tapestry of her life, adding magic that was sorely lacking.

If Sister Wives season 18’s Christine is married, it’s great news. She’s spent years taking care of other people. Christine was always the nurturer. She still loves her kids so much, and shares fun experiences with them. She’s up for any adventure, from “paint n’ sip” nights to camping and beyond. Her partner’s there for her, hopefully for a lifetime. No one deserves that kind of backup more than her, and she’ll return David’s love like few women can. She’s learned that love is everything. Her loveless spiritual union’s just a fading memory, and she’s radiant, like a night sky filled with shining stars.

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