Sister Wives: Gwendlyn Takes Kody’s Side After Fight With Christine [Actual Reason]

Kody and Christine Brown currently share the most bitter relationship in the entire Sister Wives family. They parted ways two years ago after the latter failed to find intimacy in their relationship.

However, they still aren’t at peace with numerous things from their past. Christine has become very vocal about her relationship issues with her ex-husband. She keeps sharing some awful memories from her married life with the audience.

Meanwhile, Kody Brown accused her of breaking the family apart. He blamed her several times for bad-mouthing him in front of her children. He thinks that she turned the children against him. Recently, Gwen Brown opened up about the same. Now, it appears that Kody was telling the truth after all.

Sister Wives: Gwen Supports Dad Kody While Throwing Shade At Mama Christine!

Gwendlyn Brown is one of the most loved Sister Wives stars. All of Christine’s daughters have a huge fan following because of their likable personalities and truthfulness. Moreover, she often opens up about the family drama with her audience.

Recently, Gwen made a shocking revelation about her mom, Christine Brown. The young reality TV star revealed that she had lots of good memories with her father, Kody Brown. She feels she misses her father more as she watches the family show.

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Christine’s daughter stated that her dad treated her very well compared to the majority of children in the house and never yelled at her. However, Gwen recalled the day when he shouted at her during an argument with Christine about their divorce process.

Sister Wives

The TLC star kid Gwen was shocked when her mother told her, “I’m sorry your dad doesn’t love you.” Christine even compared her daughter to Kelly Clarkson for writing the song “Since You’ve Been Gone.” The mom-of-six stated she never had a good relationship with her father.

Well, Sister Wives viewers were surprised by Christine as they had never seen her making such a rude comment before. Kody Brown made numerous claims that his third wife turned his children against him. Hence, it is clear that Christine does bad-mouthed about him in front of her daughters.

Sister Wives: Gwen Reveals How Much Kody Adored Her In Childhood!

Sister Wives star Gwendlyn Brown never shies away from speaking the truth. Now, it appears that she decided to back up her dad and secure his reputation in front of the audience. As per reports, she denied all of Christine’s claims about her relationship with Kody.

The young reality TV celeb, Gwen, stated that she had an excellent relationship with her dad since childhood. Also, she called him a caring father who referred to her as “Gwenie Bear.” Gwendlyn stated that her father sang the most songs about her among the 18 kids.

Christine’s daughter became nostalgic as she said, “I think I was honestly his little princess.” Finally, Gwen added that Kody is her father and she loves him despite the fact that some of the things about him upset her.

Gwendlyn shocked fans by claiming that she missed Christine’s wedding due to important work. However, her mother didn’t mind her absence at all. So, we can say that the mother-daughter duo are not on good terms these days.

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