Sister Wives: Gwen Skipped Christine’s Wedding — But Why?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown has always been there for her children. She even had clashes with Kody because of them. There have been several instances when the celeb even took stands for her kids and protected them from any kind of partiality.

But even after all this, when Christine decided to walk down the aisle with her newfound love, finally, David Woolley, her precious daughter Gwen, chose to skip her mother’s big day simply. Recently, Mykelti confirmed the same and made some shocking revelations about her sister’s absence. Why did Gwen miss Christine’s wedding? Is she feuding with her mother?

Sister Wives: Gwen Brown Decided To Skip Christine’s Wedding! But Why?

Christine Brown was the one who has always supported Gwen’s choices. She was the one who backed the latter when she was dealing with financial issues during her breast reduction surgery. The Sister Wives matriarch was the happiest when Gwen decided to walk down the aisle with Beatriz.

Moreover, Christine made sure that everything was perfect and her daughter’s big day was as per her dream. Yet, Gwen ended up skipping her mother’s most anticipated wedding. Fans were in shock when Mykelti confirmed the same.

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Recently, a famous blogger, Katie Joy, posted a clip in which Mykelti and Padron were talking about Gwen’s shocking absence. Christine’s daughter stated, “Gwendlyn didn’t tell me why she wasn’t there.” She explained how it was a “shock” for her as well.

The Sister Wives celeb added, “I didn’t know that she wasn’t going to be there. That’s a her [question].” However, Mykelti was sure that this was really “tragic” for her mother. Tony stated, “Your mom’s definitely sad about it,” to which his wife agreed and nodded!

Mykelti stated that she had no idea why her sister skipped the ceremony. She explained that there could be many “reasons” behind it. The celeb wondered if there was an “emergency” or perhaps “there could have been nothing, who knows?.” However, Mykelti admitted that this was really “sad.”

Sister Wives: Mykelti Reveals If Gwen Was Jealous Of The Attention Christine’s Wedding Got

Sister Wives star Gwen also recently walked down the aisle with her long-term partner. But her wedding wasn’t in the limelight as much as Christine’s wedding was. This made the viewers wonder if the star kid skipped her mother’s ceremony just because she was “jealous” of her.

Hence, some curious users decided to confront Mykelti about the same, who finally cleared the air. She replied, “Not at all.” She explained that Gwen never wanted to “show” or publicize her big day in the first place!

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Mykelti further explained that Gwen was never “upset” with Christine getting more “attention” because she never wanted to be in the limelight. Yet she feels that her sister’s engagement was actually filmed just because perhaps the network wanted David and Kody to meet in person.

Hence, Mykelti added, “I think that was rude of them because that should have been more about Gwendlyn.” So, it was evident that jealousy wasn’t the main reason why Gwen skipped Christine’s nuptials.

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