Sister Wives: Gwen Claims Christine Said — “I’m Sorry Your Dad Doesn’t Love You”

TLC’s popular show Sister Wives featured how Kody started to share an estranged relationship with most of his adult kids. He began to have issues with them when they rationally questioned him. Hence, there have been numerous instances when the latter have called him out due to many reasons. Apparently, Gwen was also a part of them initially.

Gwen seemingly shared a great bond with Christine rather than Kody. But now it seems that the table has started to turn. Recently, the star kid revealed a super rude statement that her mother said to her. Not only this, but viewers were surprised to watch her take Kody’s side! What is Gwen up to these days?

Sister Wives: Gwen Shares A Shocking Yet Rude Statement That Christine Said To Her

Sister Wives star Gwen Brown is an active member on social media. She reviews her family show’s episodes on YouTube and shares her opinion on them as well. Amid all this, the celeb also has a Patreon account on which she often spills tea regarding the Browns.

Recently, she ended up revealing some shocking things about her mother. Gwen revealed that she has many good memories with Kody. She stated that as much as she watches her family show, she starts to “miss” her father more.

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Gwendlyn confessed, “He was really a great dad to me for the majority of my life when he was present.” She disclosed that Kody never yelled at her, but he did during his divorce with Christine.

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Gwen from Sister Wives revealed the shocking reply that Christine gave to her when she revealed this instance to her. Apparently, her mom told her daughter, “I’m sorry your dad doesn’t love you.”

The star kid claimed that her mother compared her to Kelly Clarkson because the latter wrote the song ‘Since You’ve Been Gone.’ As per Gwen, Christine stated, “That’s just like you, Gwendlyn.” She further added, “Because you’ve never had a good relationship with your father.”

Gwendlyn revealed that it was shocking for her. This is because she felt that she had a great bond with her father. Moreover, viewers were surprised as they never expected Christine to pass such a rude comment.

Sister Wives: Gwen Reveals That She Was Kody’s Princess! She Was His Gwennie Bear

Sister Wives star Gwen Brown completely denied all of Christine’s claims. She made it clear that she shared a great relationship with Kody most of her life. The celeb claimed that Kody was a caring father who favored her among his 18 kids. Gwendlyn stated, “I was his Gwennie Bear.”


As per Gwen, Kody sang the most songs about her among all the kids. She explained that her father was “obsessed” with her when she was a kid. Christine’s daughter became nostalgic, “I think I was honestly his little princess.” Gwen further explained that there are times when she is “upset” with Kody. But at the end of the day, he is her dad, and she loves him.

All these shocking confessions came after Gwen ended up missing Christine’s wedding. She made it clear that she was really busy, and her mother didn’t even mind her absence. Hence, that is why viewers have started to feel that perhaps this mother-daughter duo is feuding these days.

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