Sister Wives: Garrison Shares Heartbreaking Update About His Relationship With Kody!

Janelle and Kody Brown are in the most weird phase of their relationship in the show. Season 18 of Sister Wives has documented all the drama between Janelle, Kody, and their kids. Well, the biggest cause of differences between the couple is the issues between Gabe, Garrison, and Kody. The patriarch always accused Janelle’s boys of not following his strict COVID norms.

Kody treated his sons badly during the pandemic and made a distance. Now, as Gabe and Garrison have become adults, they have been embracing their own freedom. Also, they still remember everything their father had done to them during the Covid-19 pandemic. Recently, Garrison came up to reveal Kody’s darkest side to the audience. 

Sister Wives: Garrison Brown Puts All The Blame On Kody For Their Disagreement!

Janelle Brown was in shock when her husband told her to choose between him and the kids. There have been a lot of instances when Kody has manipulated his wives as per his wishes. Things began deteriorating between them a long time ago. Previously, Kody forgot Gabe’s birthday.

Kody only remembered his wife, Robyn, who was in the hospital due to COVID-19. Later, the kids tried reaching out to their father but were only met with a wall. They made several claims about his dad’s partiality. Slowly, Gabe and Garrison have outgrown their dad during the pandemic.

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In the latest sneak peek from Eonline, Janelle’s son Garrison revealed the actual state of his relationship with Kody. He told Christine that he had bought a house and a car that Kody had never wanted him to buy since he last talked to his dad.

Even the young Sister Wives star got into a school during that time. All the kids were seated at a table, and they asked if Kody didn’t know anything about him. Sadly, Garrison shrugged and said that their father didn’t seem to care about their lives.

However, Kody had a completely different story to tell the audience. He claimed that he tried reaching out to his children before Christmas and after the festival, but Gabe and Garrison blocked him. He said, “They’re not interested in talking to me.” Well, fans already know that Kody never accepts his mistakes.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Thinks Kody Has A Problem Connecting With His Older Kids!

Janelle Brown is not leaving a chance to taunt Kody for his wrongdoings during Sister Wives Season 18. She appears to confront the patriarch for treating her kids like trash. The recent teaser of the new episode revealed Janelle’s point of view about her husband.

She thinks that her husband has a problem adjusting to the older kids. Seemingly, she is taunting her partner for prioritizing Robyn’s kids and being partial to them. Further, she added, “When my children were younger, it was very easy for him to be a father, right.”

Janelle believed that her husband was important to their kids and his opinion mattered to them. But now they don’t feel his importance in their lives because of his behavior.

What are your views on Janelle’s statement about Kody? Share your thoughts about Sister Wives in the comment section below.

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