Sister Wives: Gabe’s Heart-Wrenching Account About Garrison’s Death Leaves Fans Weeping!

Sister Wives fans always took Gabe and Garrison’s names together because of the magnetic charisma of their bond. Their brotherhood was evident in every step. Hence, more than being brothers, they became each other’s best friends. However, it’s been days since viewers have been mourning the death of Garrison and aren’t able to get over it.

Amid all this, Gabe’s heart-wrenching account of his brother’s tragic death started to surface on the internet. It was beyond something that viewers could handle, and it clearly ended up leaving them in tears.

Sister Wives: Gabe’s Account Of Garrison’s Death To Police Leaves Fans Sobbing

Garrison Brown’s death has left a wound on Sister Wives viewers, which would take a lot of time to heal. They still remember the iconic duo of Garrison and Gabe, and nostalgia clearly hits everyone hard. But the latter’s account of his brother’s tragic death wasn’t something that viewers were able to take, and they ended up hysterically sobbing!

As per the reports, Gabe initially went upstairs to Garrison’s bedroom and knocked on the door. But he knew about the latter’s tendency to lock his room and went to the closet to take the keys. But the star kid was in disbelief when he realized that his brother didn’t lock the door this time!

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The first glance at Garrison that Gabe had was that he was simply sitting at the edge of his bed and ended up slumping over. Hence, he believed that the former perhaps fell asleep while he was sitting, and not even in the wildest dream, Gabe had imagined that his brother was dead. The Sister Wives star kid then playfully slapped his sibling in the stomach as he wanted to wake him up. But soon, he realized that this wasn’t the case at all!

Gabe noted that Garrison had a gun, and there was a wound on his head. He realized that the latter was no more. This report clearly had the raw intensity of a brother’s grief who lost his best friend. Hence, fans also couldn’t control their tears and cried their hearts out.

Sister Wives: Gabe Was The First One To Discover Garrison’s Lifeless Body

Sister Wives star Garrison Brown ended up sending some alarming texts to a bunch of people during his last days. This made Janelle wonder what her son was up to. Hence, she decided to have a conversation with him and briefly talked about the matter. However, the matriarch was concerned when Garrison stopped responding to messages and asked her kids to check on their sibling.

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Gabe was the one who decided to volunteer and traveled all the way to Garrison’s house. However, he saw a heart breaking sight which perhaps would affect his entire life. Apparently, even after having three roommates, the star kid was the first one who discovered his sibling’s body.

One of Garrison’s roommates admitted to hearing a “pop” sound a night prior. But he didn’t have any intuition of it being a gunshot! On the other hand, the police report revealed that Janelle was the second person who arrived at the location after the star kid informed his family about the tragic loss. Hence, it is evident that the Browns are currently dealing with the hardest phase of their lives as they struggle to accept Garrison’s death.

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